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Non-Filers Are Being Duped by the IRS

Non-Filers Are Being Duped by the IRS


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

24th May 2005

As a teenager, I first learned of the Internal Revenue Service of America (IRS) by watching movies that portrayed the IRS as a prying, powerful, mean and terrifying agency. When I was in America, I observed first-hand that many Americans were obsessed with collecting receipts for income tax purposes. I watched in awe as I saw well-educated people hoarding and worrying about receipts. This is very strange behaviour in the eyes of non-Americans. If only Americans could see themselves through foreigners' eyes. They actually treat receipts as a form of currency.

When I sold my property in Arizona, I was advised by professionals to hang onto every receipt pertaining to all my expenses and purchases regarding the property and other transactions to avoid being hassled by the IRS. By then, through curiosity about the portrayal of the IRS, I began to research the tax law and question many people about it. After having spent a lot of time in America over the years, I began to understand the mindset of the receipt-hoarding Americans. This hoarding obsession is not a mental illness as many foreigners think. It is not due to paranoia. The threat that the IRS could ruin somebody who has not hoarded receipts is a very real threat.

It opened my eyes to the fact that there is a movement in the United States involving people who refuse to hoard their receipts. In the process of discovering these people, I met several members of the patriot movement.

Within the patriot movement in the United States is a group of people who resist paying federal income tax because they have determined that the tax is being fraudulently assessed and collected. The main method employed by those who resist the income tax is to refuse to file any tax forms. The American federal government refers to these non-filers as "tax protestors", and has instructed its revenue agents, police, judges etc. on how to deal with them. Many could conclude that those identified as "tax protestors" are being persecuted for their opinions, beliefs, actions and inactions.

Since the term "tax protestor" is pejorative, and for lack of a better term, I will refer to these "protestors" as "non-filers". In my observation, people who enter the American non-filer movement usually fit into one of four basic categories.

The first includes people who have learned of fraud in the tax system and are repulsed that the IRS is wrongfully collecting taxes based upon a scheme that seems to violate not only the American Constitution, but also many basic rules of statutory construction.

The second category is comprised of people who have been disadvantaged by the IRS or some other governmental agency. These have become non-filers either to re-coup their losses or to retaliate against Big Brother.

The third category is made up of government employees and/or contractors who infiltrate or create non-filer groups to do undercover work for the government.

The fourth group involves people who are programmed to join the movement and cause problems within it, although these people are generally unaware that they are being subtly manipulated in this manner.

The statutes behind the American income tax scheme are referred to as the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and a cursory reading of the IRC reveals that it is a confusing mass of thousands of pages of inconsistent sections, sub-sections, chapters, sub-chapters etc. The difficulty of interpreting this code is so notorious amongst professionals such as lawyers, accountants, bankers, financiers etc. that if the IRC were challenged in an honest court, it would undoubtedly be discarded in total as being too vague and too inconsistent to be lawfully applied. Of course, the likelihood of an American court invalidating one of the country's major revenue sources is almost nil. Therefore, all such challenges have been futile and considered as frivolous.

Other problems with the IRC abound. On the surface, it can be interpreted as granting the IRS the authority to tax every person on the Earth, wherever they are located, which, of course, is utter nonsense. But, this absurdity is lost on the courts that hear cases claiming the code to be fraudulently implemented.

Some sections of the IRC are tremendously confusing. One tax expert informed me that certain statutes are so ambiguously written that they seem to mean one thing when he reads them in the morning, and another thing in the afternoon.

An example is the IRC's definition of the word "includes" to mean either that it excludes all items not listed after the word "includes", or that it means that all items listed after the word "includes" are examples of what can be included in the group. After reading this definition a couple of times, nobody could confidently ascertain whether "includes" as it is used in the IRC is inclusive or exclusive. Whether "includes" is interpreted to be inclusive or exclusive is critical under the IRC in determining who must pay income tax. It is no wonder that so many Americans use professionals to prepare their income tax forms!

Many constitutional scholars have noted severe flaws in the tax code that should invalidate it under the American Constitution. Although some of the constitutional arguments have strong merit, they would have to be heard in an honest court before a judge who would be willing to invalidate the American income tax system to be favourably considered. Obviously, there is very little chance of that happening.

The non-filers usually face loss of employment, assets and, for certain reasons, the ability to function in the commercial networks of the country. The IRS is heartless in its effort to extract taxes. When it identifies a person as a non-filer, it will often over assess that person's tax liability into a ridiculous sum that will bankrupt the non-filer and leave him/her homeless. There are those who are aware of the consequences of non-filing and yet they still enter the movement - one has to wonder why.

The non-filers have ascertained that there is a conspiracy to enforce a fraudulent tax system in the United States, but they cannot effectively prove this conspiracy. Whenever the word "conspiracy" comes up in regard to the income tax system, the authorities openly laugh at the accusers. The authorities reason that a conspiracy to enforce a fraudulent tax system would involve a lot of people, and, not only that, they themselves would have to be a part of the conspiracy, which they believe they are not. So, attempts to prove a conspiracy have failed.

But, there IS a conspiracy to enforce this law, as I will explain. First and foremost, the IRC has been purposely written in vague, inconsistent terms that are so difficult to interpret that the code should be invalidated. The non-filers believe that these inconsistencies have been incorporated into the IRC because the U.S. Congress lacks the lawful authority to impose an income tax. The non-filers erroneously reason that the only logical purpose for the vague, inconsistent sections within the code has to be that the Congress is aware that it lacks the authority to lawfully impose an income tax.

However, the Congress DOES have authority to impose income tax. For a very nefarious purpose, it has written the laws to read as though it thinks it lacks the authority. The IRC was written so confusingly because the Congress and its agents wanted to be able to identify all the people who would resist the government if they suspected a fraud had been committed. After writing the massive trap (the IRC), the Congress freely allows its agents (IRS and others) to abuse the unsuspecting population by offhandedly assessing and collecting taxes in whatever manner they desire as long as it conforms to a reasonable reading of the IRC. As stated above, the code is so confusing that it can mean all things to all people. So the revenue officers have a lot of liberty to do whatever they like.

After many Americans observed numerous abuses by revenue officers, the non-filer movement started to gain acceptance. The non-filers began dissecting the code, trying to ascertain how to bring the Congress back to an honest position whereby it would honestly state just what the tax was based upon, who it would be enforced against, how it would be assessed etc. Of course, the Congress and its agents are way ahead of the non-filers. Government agents and operatives infiltrated nearly all of the movements and started many others. From these positions, the government has been able to monitor and manipulate the non-filer movement.

But, one has to ask why a government would do such a thing and how it could possibly hold together such a conspiracy. The first reason is that a government would do it for control of the population. The second is more complex.

In reality, very few in the government know of the conspiracy, and those who do are either not humans, or are humans working for aliens. It is the aliens who want to identify everyone because ultimately they want to impose a One World Government in which they control the world. These aliens are responsible for programming government agents to write the vague, inconsistent laws and for every other important aspect of the conspiracy. However, this conspiracy is one where most of the PARTICIPANTS ARE HOPELESSLY IGNORANT OF THEIR INVOLVEMENT WITH IT.

The main reason the aliens want to place government resisters in the non-filing groups is to divert their attention from much more serious issues and to neutralize them. Non-filers are tremendously disadvantaged in the society because they follow the "wisdom" of the leaders of the movement. They often refuse to have social security cards, which practice denies them employment with all governments and most businesses. They also are instructed by the "wise" leaders to openly announce their opposition to the tax system, which alerts the IRS agents to overzealously go after them with the fickle IRC that allows them to extract just about whatever they want from their victims.

Some of the leaders of these movements are sincere and have been duped by the evil alien agenda, of which few of them could begin to suspect. Other leaders are too arrogant to intelligently lead people - the people would be better off with no leaders at all than these. Still other leaders are government workers, who have virtually unlimited resources and come up with the wildest schemes imaginable, but are able to put these into the non-filer movement and get many people to follow them. There are other leaders who are brainwashed by subtle programming to virtually do whatever the government wants them to do. They think the ideas they have are theirs, but they are being beamed to them from external sources.

Some of the more bizarre ideas the leaders of the movement have presented include: demanding a bill of particulars on every matter presented by the IRS. The non-filers actually believed that by using the words "bill of particulars" they had a silver bullet that would cause the vampire to stop sucking tax dollars from them. Another aspect of the movement has been for non-filers to write "show me" letters to the IRS demanding to see the law that makes them liable for income tax. This, of course, only further identifies the non-filers for the government agents to do as they like to them.

Perhaps the most foolish of all of these plans has been presented by an individual who has convinced quite a few non-filers that all they need to do is to attach miniature American flags to all their correspondence with the IRS and the IRS will leave them alone. When people discovered that these little flags pasted everywhere on their documents were ineffective, the proponent of the silliness said they had placed the flags improperly, and that they had to be affixed in exact positions, or they would be ineffective. Many gullible non-filers resubmitted the same documents again with flag stamps precisely positioned on the papers. Of course, the only thing the flags on the paper did was alert IRS employees that they had "live" ones on the other end.

The patriots are looking for the "key" to unlock the fraud in the IRC. This is a futile exercise. The IRC was fraudulently created by the ruling elite who are masters of deception. It was fraudulently implemented and is fraudulently executed. The patriots are looking through a fraudulent mass and trying to make it right by finding truth in the law. But, there is no truth in the tax law - it is a trap designed by the ruling elite to snare the patriots. They cannot beat the fraud with semantics, but the IRS is betting that they will keep trying.

As long as the aliens can keep rebels fighting futile paper battles regarding the IRC, they can identify and control the most difficult ones amongst the non-filers. In this way, they can impoverish and make them ineffective to fight the real battles. In other words, the non-filers are playing perfectly into the hands of the ruling elite. This shows how sinister the aliens are, and how far they will go to achieve their goal of establishing One World Government.

I know that many of the patriots will not like to hear this, but once they realize that the non-filer movement originated from government offices, they will see the futility of their fight against the IRS. However, their efforts have not been in vain. They have helped to identify the alien conspiracy and alerted people to the horrific injustices in the tax system. Their activities have impeded and frustrated the ruling elite, for which they stand tall. It is the fighting spirit for liberty that they exercise that frightens the ruling elite. This is one of the main reasons the tax fraud scheme has been deliberately created - to entice patriots to engage in the tax fraud issue. Through this scheme, the ruling elite has been able to identify and weaken the real domestic opposition to tyranny.

The aliens behind the income tax conspiracy want to remain hidden from the public view. They do not want to expose themselves to humans because they know they will not be accepted by those whom they wish to rule from behind the scenes. The government agents who enforce the conspiracy are either unwitting or occasionally willing pawns of the aliens. As difficult as it is to accept that aliens are behind the income tax conspiracy, those who have concluded that there is a conspiracy concerning the tax system will realize that this explanation is far more plausible than any other they have considered, and eventually they will accept the truth - that aliens are behind the IRS conspiracy.

On the esoteric level, the IRS is associated with the banking industry and the money entities (beings who have been horribly exploited by Darkness and forced to distribute financial resources inequitably). Money is a creation of Darkness to expand human ambition and greed. In the banking system, a model has been developed to strip the maximum amount of resources from the people without them being aware of the activity. This is seen in the American Federal Reserve Banking System, which is a model for many countries' national banks.

The egregious profits earned by the Federal Reserve for charging interest on the currency in circulation are not fairly distributed throughout the banking industry, but instead are kept by a very few owners of the Federal Reserve.

Money is the root of much evil. It is responsible for much betrayal, murder, deception, slavery, war, envy, jealousy, worries, suffering, crime and other negative things. On Earth, money is nearly a necessity. Without money, many things, including food, water, shelter, education, health care, transport etc. cannot be acquired. As a result of the patriots engaging in a battle with the IRS, they are virtually stripped of their financial resources; their ability to earn, invest and effectively participate in the market economy is severely impacted.

It is time to cut the losses and re-assess the situation. It is time to go beyond individual ego. It is time to focus on liberty.

As Thomas Paine said in The Crisis, when things looked ever so bleak for the patriots:

These are the times that try men's souls . . . Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered . . . What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly . . . Heaven knows how to put the proper price upon . . . FREEDOM . . .

Paine was concerned with physical liberty, which all people treasure. But, spiritual liberty - liberation from Darkness - is far more important to all because physical liberty is transient; spiritual liberty is eternal.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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