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Human Affairs Affected by Alien Rifts

Human Affairs Affected by Alien Rifts


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

6th June 2005

All matters on this level have a spiritual connection. Therefore, whether a matter deals with political, social, religious, financial, environmental, racial or any other aspects of this Virtual Reality, ultimately, every matter here affects the spiritual fabric of every being that it touches.

There have been certain political events that on the surface would appear to have no spiritual connection, but they do. Superficially, these events appear to be personal, isolated events. Underlying these events are alien connections also.

The recent conviction of Australian, Schapelle Corby, in an Indonesian court for importing 4.1 kilograms of marijuana to Bali in her baggage is one such case. This matter has caught international attention and millions paused while the verdict was declared. Many Australians are outraged by the 20-year jail term given to this young woman, while many Indonesians are outraged that she escaped the death penalty and are screaming for her blood.

There has been talk about Corby being a victim of a corrupt judicial process and many commentators fear that her case could damage the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. As I have mentioned in previous writings, there is underlying tension between the two major alien groups. Australia is presently a Vulturite-influenced country, while Indonesia is predominantly a Reptilian-influenced country. However, there are pockets of Reptilians, Vulturites and other minor alien groups in both countries and in all their political parties. Thus, for example, the United Kingdom is currently led by Vulturites, but if the Labour Party reshuffles, the next leader of that party could well be a Reptilian representative.

The Corby case has gradually developed into more than just another drug-smuggling case; it has become an international subject of debate. People are being polarized by the case, with many demanding her release and proclaiming her innocent, while others are demanding a death sentence and proclaiming her guilty. Most of these people have very limited knowledge of the evidence of the case or the process involved. Many wonder why Corby would import marijuana into Bali when that commodity is cheaply available in Indonesia. However, this in itself does not necessarily mean that she is innocent.

Some Australians are threatening to cancel their formal pledges to aid the Indonesian victims of the Indian-Ocean tsunami. Others are openly boycotting Indonesian products and travel to that country in an effort to cripple the Indonesian economy. Some are even advocating an armed rescue of Corby. How can such a personal case become an international matter? I have watched this case from the very start and I have said that it would eventually grow from a personal event into a national one that would ultimately spark international interest. This has now happened, even though it has developed faster than originally planned.

The "rent-a-crowd" programming in Australia has been activated for this case, and the "rent-a-crowd" programming in other countries was subsequently activated by aliens to support Corby's case. This case is being used by Reptilian aliens to instigate a break in relations between the two countries. The Vulturites have taken the bait. The Reptilians are a cunning race of aliens. They always get others to do their dirty jobs for them whenever they can, before they "go in for the kill". This can be seen in America, where the Vulturite-dominated country is playing right into Reptilian hands by openly making itself the most hated nation on the planet, and putting all innocent American people in danger. This has been the Reptilian plan for America, a plan that they started and handed over to the Vulturites, who took the bait and have exacerbated the situation.

Another recent case appears to be a personal matter that was started by an idealistic young Chinese diplomat stationed in Sydney, Australia. Chen Yonglin was the Chinese consul for political affairs in Australia until a little more than a week ago, when he sought political asylum in Australia. It has been reported that Chen claims that about one thousand Chinese spies are in Australia for various reasons. He has supposedly claimed that his country is kidnapping opponents of the Chinese government in Australia and sending them back to China. Purportedly, he has also claimed that Chinese foreign agents pose significant threats to the Australians. Obviously, these are very serious claims and Chen and his family have been placed in extreme danger by these revelations.

Oddly, while Chen was seeking a meeting with Australian Immigration's state director, Jim Collaghan, other officers from Australian Immigration called the Chinese Embassy and alerted them to Chen's attempted defection, despite him urging them not to do so.

To date, Australian immigration authorities appear to be avoiding the issue; Chen and his family have been forced to go into hiding. He did come out of hiding to speak at a Sydney rally to mark the sixteenth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Chen's life is in danger even in Australia, yet he is not being granted protection or political asylum by the Australian government. In fact, Australian authorities claim that they are handling Chen's case as they would any other immigration matter. In other words, the Australian authorities are planning to deny the application for asylum.

If Chen is sent back to China, it is unlikely that he would survive. China has a record of human rights abuses that goes far beyond the public knowledge of them.

One wonders why a Vulturite-influenced country like Australia would be co-operating with Reptilian-dominated China. The main reason is the economy. Chinese trade is critical to Australia. Both countries are pretending to be nice to one another, but this is superficial. Both have "daggers" pointed at the other.

Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, is seeking to assist Chen at this time. The Greens are not as concerned about economic issues as are other political parties. Therefore, it is logical for the Greens to be assisting Chen when the main issue is really the economy.

Yes, there are lots of Chinese spies in Australia. And, there are also Australian spies in China. The Chinese are very suspicious of any Chinese-Australians who travel to China. They are also suspicious of Westerners working in China. The day will come when the alien underlying belligerence between China and Australia will be openly expressed through the respective governments and the people in the countries. Ironically, Chen has been programmed by Reptilians to come forward at this time even though it appears that it is giving bad publicity to China. It is all part of the Reptilian plan to sever relationships, even though few of the human players are aware of this at this time.

Many of the spies are "tagged", whether they are aware of it or not. I have come into contact with people in Australia and the U.S.A. who sent off certain signals as I walked past them. There are many types of signals, but the signals from these people seem to belong to those involved in espionage.

Another example of alien rifts forming can be seen in recent developments in Europe. Last week, both the French and the Dutch people rejected the proposed constitution, showing fragmentation is rapidly taking place in the European Union. Regardless of what it looks like, this is another alien-based rift. In short, Reptilian states are trying to distance themselves from Vulturite ones. The United Kingdom has now indicated that it will not even present a referendum on the issue now. Remember that I said that the U.K. is in a state of flux, in the process of shifting from Vulturite control to Reptilian influence! There are many other examples expressing similar alien rifts at this time, even though they are not obvious yet.

Soon, there will be many surprises causing confusion, but, ultimately, they will settle, and the alien alliances will be very clearly defined. The people who will be caught in the middle have the most to lose. In one way or another, their lives are being manipulated and compromised. This is because the Reptilians are severing ties from Vulturite states in preparation for war, whether that will be a shooting war or otherwise will be seen in the future.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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