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Horse-Race Rigging - An Esoteric Perspective

Horse-Race Rigging - An Esoteric Perspective


Amitakh Stanford

3rd November 2005

The Melbourne Cup is the "day that stops the nation", the day the whole country of Australia gives its "heart" to a horse.

Makybe Diva is a mare that won an unprecedented third consecutive Melbourne Cup on November 1, 2005. Although I knew that the mare would win her 3rd cup, I refused to place a bet on her. Even our warrior horse, Sauders-Arthur, a gentle stallion from America, knew that Makybe Diva would win, but he showed disdain for the mare.

Many of those at the race felt a far deeper and more spiritual experience than would be expected from a horse-race. This was demonstrated when Makybe Diva's owner "mockingly" prostrated himself before the mare in front of hundreds of millions of people. Another outward sign was shown when a commentator openly declared the mare to be a "gift from god!" Tears flowed and many spectators honoured the winning jockey as though he were a god. There was more to these displays than one might think from casual observation.

One spectator remarked that the champion was no ordinary horse. Indeed, she is no ordinary horse. The consciousness within the mare is not the consciousness of a horse. She is one horse I have kept my eyes on ever since she made her debut. I did not do this out of admiration, but for quite the opposite reason. My interest in the mare has nothing to do with wagers. It has to do with the being or consciousness that is driving the horse.

Unlike Phar Lap, who was reported to have been "so ugly, when hoisted off the boat from New Zealand that his owner wanted to send him straight back", and unlike the unwanted, stubby little American Seabiscuit, both of whom were brave battlers with beautiful hearts, Makybe Diva is adored for beauty, grace and performance. She enjoys the glory and demonstrates it before the crowd in a humanlike way. Yes! She is no ordinary horse! Unlike Phar Lap and Seabiscuit, the much flattered and worshipped mare is sponsored by the ruling elite.

Neither of the two champion horses - Phar Lap and Seabiscuit - nor many other deserving champions were so elevated by the "people" as this mare. The mare is promoted as the people's horse. Why?

It is no surprise that horse-racing, like other "sports" involving heavy betting, has many "fixed" or "rigged" events. Whether it is college basketball or major league baseball in the U.S.A., cricket in India, soccer in Brazil, boxing in Europe or horse-racing in Australia, the results are the same. While multitudes gather and are drawn into the frenzy promoted by a media bent on pushing an ordinary "sport" outing into a grand spectacle, often, behind the scenes, many dark things occur. Sometimes, the "fix" is exposed, and then a scapegoat has a career ruined. But, most times, the "fix" goes unnoticed, and things just continue on, with many seemingly honest contests being pre-determined.

Like human beings in the world who are heavily promoted by the ruling elite, so it goes with racehorses. Look around for the most promoted female since the death of Diana Spencer.

Programming is a powerful agent of Darkness to bring things into being in this Virtual Reality. Programming is carried out from both the subtle and the physical level. "Rent a crowd" is the most common type of programming to bring about a consensus. Once a candidate is chosen, with the help of programming by the media and other agents, the whole thing begins to "take off". Look around and one can see many examples of this type of programming. Without the support of a "rent a crowd" most projects are destined to fail. This even includes shooting wars.

In the past, "sports" events that were pre-determined were "rigged" without a trace. Now, things are very different as the Virtual Reality of Darkness is breaking down. As the Virtual Reality erodes and the programming falters, there will be many signs of the break down. Now, things are getting so chaotic that systems run by Darkness that appeared for eons to be working properly are beginning to malfunction. This can also be seen in celestial bodies falling out of orbit. On a smaller scale, some storms are now spinning the opposite direction from what would be expected. Floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, fires and so on are abounding in part because the order of Darkness is failing and losing control of this Realm of Darkness.

The breakdown can now be seen in apparently mundane things such as horse-racing. When the ruling elite "rigged" an important race in 2005, a bystander, so to speak, was caught up in the breakdown of the Virtual Reality. The victim of the "rigging" was Mummify, a horse that was about to win the Caulfield Cup in Australia when 80 metres from the finish line his jockey heard a "cannon shot" as the gelding's leg snapped. Mummify struggled across the line finishing third. Shortly after Mummify crossed the line, he broke down and was put down the next day.

What happened was that the ruling elite "rigged" an important race and a seemingly unrelated event occurred - Mummify died. These events were directly related on the energy level. When agents of Darkness "fixed" an important race, Mummify paid the price.

On November 1, 2005, at 2:00 pm, the Melbourne Cup was run in Melbourne, Australia, and Makybe Diva "won" a very suspicious race. Suspicions abound from this race. The commentators wondered why there were only 5 horses with reasonable odds and 19 horses at long odds. Many openly questioned this oddity on the broadcast leading up to the race. Added to this was a bizarre problem for one of the favourites, Eye Popper - who beat Makybe Diva in Japan this year - which was first noticed early in the morning before the race. But, things really looked suspicious when Makybe Diva's jockey, Glen Boss, in his excitement just after winning the race, admitted that he took the mare out "too early" in the race. The mare was stuck in a pack. Boss exclaimed surprise at finding a path open up for the mare to shoot through unimpeded as she dashed for the finish line and overtook many of the "long odds" horses that led the pack. Most of the favourites trailed far behind the pack of "also rans".

In what seemed totally unrelated, half way around the world, a horse named Best Mate paid the price for the 2005 Melbourne Cup. Best Mate was a triple Cheltenham Gold Cup winner in Great Britain who raced his last race and jumped his last jump on 1st November 2005. His jockey pulled him up, but the damage had already been done. Best Mate died of a suspected heart attack.

On an energy level, both Mummify and Best Mate died for the same reasons. For a long time, people have speculated that the flapping of butterfly wings on one continent could affect the wind velocity on another. This is no longer a theory, it is now clear to see for those who understand what is occurring. The "rigging" of one horse-race on a distant continent can actually kill a seemingly unrelated horse in a race on another continent. As the Virtual Reality breaks down, events such as the deaths of Mummify and Best Mate will happen more frequently. The dirtier the racing game gets, the more likely the victim-participants will be stricken. The more well-known the horses, the more attention is focused upon them. Thus, the more at risk they are.

I was impressed to watch Mummify in the Caulfield Cup because I "knew" that he was involved in a "battle" due to a race "fixing". When someone told me that he was going to bet on Mummify, I cautioned him not to as the horse would have trouble in the race.

Is it a co-incidence that even before the Caulfield Cup, which was run on 15th October 2005, I was already impressed to watch the number 7 and the number 11 horses that would run in the Melbourne Cup? At that time, nobody knew which horses would carry those numbers on the day of the race. I also "knew" that an Irish champion would be endangered because of horses number 7 and 11 in the Melbourne Cup. I "knew" there was a huge battle coming and that an Irish champion would be the second horse (after Mummify) to "pay the price". I realized this would culminate in a huge energy battle amongst various Dark forces. Things are not always what they appear to be. In this case, an apparently happy, celebratory occasion was in fact a huge energy war in which Best Mate was tossed to the "lions". With due respect to the victim, Best Mate, his death is only the tip of what really happened on Melbourne Cup day.

The energy engendered internationally for the Melbourne Cup was unusually enormous. This made quite an energy feast for those who know how to harvest the energy from the race. Those who harvest the energy do so for selfish and nefarious purposes.

The ruling elite set up and sustains all forms of gambling around the world. When betting is intense and widely accepted, then many more people are affected by the Anunnaki programming instilled into all gaming. The Melbourne Cup is no longer a day for family outings and pleasure. It has become quite an evil event that has dragged a huge array of the Australian people into its clutches. Even though the event appears to be harmless and joyful on the surface, it is anything but that. Many people's lives are ruined by what occurs on any given Melbourne Cup Day and its aftermath.

The pressure on racehorses is enormous - they must perform and risk their lives for their owners, trainers and jockeys. Injured horses, regardless of their track records, are often put down for insurance money even when suitable, loving homes are available for the afflicted ones. Most owners care little for the horses when their racing days are over.

Is it not strange that immediately following the Melbourne Cup victory, when jockey Glen Boss was interviewed, he stated that the mare won the race, not him? He said that as he neared the home stretch, a path was opened for Makybe Diva to shoot through.

Is it a co-incidence that the horses on either side of the mare that could have held their positions and stopped the mare from breaking loose were horses 7 and 11, the very two horses I had "known" for over two weeks that I would have to focus upon?

Number 7 was Railings, the horse who won the Caulfield Cup because Mummify broke down. Is it a co-incidence that Railing's victory in the Caulfield Cup gave him automatic admission into the Melbourne Cup?

Is it not strange that the 7 and 11 (Demerger) horses then seemed to give a helping hand to Makybe Diva in the Melbourne Cup? And, why was I focusing on horses 7 and 11?

And is it not exceptionally strange that Boss followed 7 and 11 until that critical moment when the fortuitous opening conveniently appeared? Is it not odd that the three horses seemed to run the race as a team for the mare to be the victor?

Is it not strange that the "magical" opening that the jockey found is not readily reported in the subsequent media accounts of the race? The media twist now given in many of the accounts is that the mare exploded from the outside to bring the race home. The truth is, she found a "hole" in the middle of the pack between the number 7 and 11 horses. Why is this good fortune not brought up by the media?

To the disadvantage of the horses that prefer hard ground such as horse number 6, Eye Popper, who is a real threat to the mare, the racetrack was artificially sprayed with water to appease the mare, who threatened to scratch from the race if the ground was not watered. This biased move shows that people actively and openly "rigged" the race course to favour the mare. Was it mass programming that restrained people from protesting against this biased move?

More questions arise, such as why were all the favourites left in the back of the pack to run behind long-shot after long-shot after long-shot? Did they not give their all in the race? Why was it so important for Australia to have the dream of a triple Melbourne Cup winner come true? These are all questions to ponder. However, on an energy level, what happened in Melbourne on 1st November 2005 did cost the life of Best Mate. On the energy level, it was a huge battle over energy as the Dark forces clashed. They were fighting for the "right" to harvest the Melbourne Cup energy.

The Light was able to divert a vast amount of the energy from the event so that Darkness could not abuse it. Now that things are different, Darkness can no longer sustain and protect Its systems in the ways It used to. Like all the other failing systems in this Virtual Reality run by Darkness, it will not be long before the racing system will begin to breakdown also. What is currently a dangerous "sport" to participate in will soon become exceedingly hazardous.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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