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It Is Done - It Is Finished

Promenade #10

    It Is Done - It Is Finished


Amitakh Stanford 

9th September 2008

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers)

I am an extraterrestrial being - code name - Amitakh.  I came to the Earth as a "walk-in".

One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being - code name - Ikluk.

The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings.  The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has "re-incarnated" on Earth many times over millennia.  He has taken on many identities, such as:  Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses), John the Baptist, Kirok, King Arthur, Hitler and, in his current "incarnation", he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as Joseph Chiappalone.

In order to attempt to discredit me, the ruling elite have deliberately tried to link me and my work with Ikluk on the internet via many ruling elite websites, which include search engines, bulletin boards, and other types of websites.

It is now time to make certain announcements:

As a young girl of ten, I knew that I would meet up with a doctor and that I would be associated with him in some spiritual sense.  I was also given the signs by which I could recognize this doctor.  As an adult, I met Chiappalone in Melbourne, Australia.  I was asked by Babaji of Haidakhan to give Ikluk a message.  The archons of Darkness have twisted my story to suit themselves.

I was ordered to marry Ikluk, which I did.  It was a horrible experience from the very start, but I knew that I had to endure it.

Before meeting Ikluk, I met up with an alien colleague known affectionately to many as Sinclair (Burnley Naylor), who was assigned to assist me in the work of the Light.  Ikluk was threatened by Sinclair.  Darkness managed to take Sinclair out of the scene.  When that happened, I lost a very good friend and assistant in the process.

After Sinclair died in a car accident, he and Babaji of Haidakhan came back to visit me in very physical forms, solid enough to touch and hold.  We discussed many things, one of which was that a part of Sinclair would one day be with me to take over the role that he could not complete, and that this part would look out for me.

The True Light has poured tremendous, unconditional love into Ikluk lifetime after lifetime to help him return to the Light.  This lifetime was no different.  I, as well as others around Ikluk, have poured endless love into him in this and other lifetimes.  But, Ikluk has rejected that love and abused it.

Chiappalone was given the chance to give a message of Light in this lifetime.  Instead, he corrupted the message to suit himself.  He converted the teaching by mixing some of the truth he was given with Darkness' message.  What resulted was a message filled with half-truths, which he added to the extant and already corrupted Gnostic teachings.  This resulted in a corrupted blend of previously corrupted teachings.  Chiappalone's half-truths were left in place to give him time to return to the Light, which would have made the entire Rescue Mission of the Light so much easier.

However, not only will Ikluk not return to the Light, he is trying to take as many down with him as possible.  Darkness and Its archons all try to take the Will of True-Light beings by whatever means.  That is why it is so important to hold onto one's Will.

During my marriage to Ikluk, I was subjected to his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse.  He humiliated me and put me down.  He also beat me up regularly.  During one of the beatings, he punched me so many times that I fell to the ground.  Then he pulled me up by my hair, dragged me by my hair for about 30 metres and threw me through the front door of the house.  He then banged my head against the wall several times, shouting abuse at me.  I lost consciousness and was hospitalized from the beating.

Of all the beatings I endured from him, this is the only one Chiappalone admitted to doing.  He probably admitted doing this one because he thought it was very possible that I could have died, and he was trying to mitigate his culpability by claiming that it was an impulsive, domestic dispute.  However, after I recovered from this horrible beating, he has thereafter denied it ever happened, but the hospital records show otherwise.

Because of the work I was doing in trying to bring Ikluk back to the Light, I endured frequent beatings from him and many other abuses.  He has also assaulted and abused others who have disagreed with him.  However, I could not intervene because it was not time.  In other words, he was still being given chances to return to the Light.

One day, he charged at me in the bathroom and pinned me against the wall and punched me repeatedly.  This brutal beating ended the marriage.  I broke away from him.  Moreover, it was time for me to enter the next phase of my work, which included giving out the Light's Message in an uncorrupted form.  Since Chiappalone would not return to the Light, he could not be a part of this work.

By the time I started this phase of the work, I had regained most of my "memories" about my responsibilities, mission and identity.  It was during this time that I met my present husband, Steffan, who, it was later revealed, was Burnley's son.  No wonder Burnley intimated that a part of him would be with me later.

Ikluk has continued to harass and stalk me to this day.  He has continued his lying and murderous ways.  Like the White Buffalo Calf Ikluk killed when he was Kirok, Chiappalone killed the White Buffalo Calf again in this life.  The White Buffalo Calf was named Tchaikovsky.  Four people witnessed Chiappalone approach Tchaikovsky before he killed him by injecting poison into our beautiful, healthy, five-month old white puppy.  Despite there being four witnesses to this atrocious act, Chiappalone denies ever being near the puppy.  Tchaikovsky protected me from Ikluk's wrath by taking my place.  The needle was intended for me, but Tchaikovsky took it.

Ikluk has had many chances to return to the Light, but he rejects the Light and has chosen to remain forever in Darkness.

Ikluk pretends to be of the Light.  He pretends to be fighting for the Light.  But, he lies, deceives and murders True-Light beings.  He does not work for the Light, but, in fact, is anti-Light.  In this lifetime, he is the embodiment of the Anti-Christ Energy.

Many Attas of the Light, including beings known as Merlin, Haidakhan Babaji and Thomas, are assisting me in the Rescue Mission.  Our aim is to bring Home all the True-Light beings after they have been freed from the bondage of Darkness.  The particles of Light that are trapped in Darkness will soon be liberated and eventually returned to their True Creation.

The beings of Darkness and their archons will be separated forever from the beings of Light.

Many thanks to all the beings of Light who have tirelessly worked whilst enduring abuse, humiliation and suffering at the hands of Darkness.  I congratulate all of those beings of Light who have persevered and remained faithful to the Light, despite all of the horrible things that Darkness has thrown at them.  Indeed, all of these are true warriors of the Light.

The confrontation between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy is finally completed.

It is done.  It is finished.

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© 2008 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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