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White Buffalo Calf Woman Announces the Sacred Drumming

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Announces the Sacred Drumming

8th August 2004

The long-awaited joyous event is rapidly approaching.

The Sacred Drumming will soon commence.

There are some who have already "heard" the future drumming.

While many claim to be the Keeper of the Sacred Fire, ONLY one has been chosen by the Creator.  This one knows as I have spoken to his heart a long time ago.  The True Keeper has been shown the Nine Visions.

In the Pure Creation, there is no physical fire.  The Keeper knows that Sacred Fire does not burn or scorch like physical fire.

A-itu (The Eternal Flame) is a metaphor for Divine Light, to which Its children are all attracted.  Divine Light is the Sacred Fire that burns in the spirit of all the Creator's children.  Unlike physical fire that intimidates, burns, scorches, blinds and destroys all that approach too closely, Sacred Fire heals, nurtures, enhances, loves and protects as one draws closer.

I have retrieved the Sacred Pipe (the "soul" of the Earth) from the womb of the Earth.

I have contacted the Keeper.

The knowledge of the True Source has been given to those who are ready to accept it.  When the Drumming begins the Pure Colour will descend and fill the entire Earth with Its New Energy.  Those who will enter the Light will respond to the Drumming and will be awakened by Its Sound, regardless of their race, form, gender, age, beliefs or location.

Their spirits will recognise the Sound.  Their spirits will recognise the Vibration.  Their spirits will recognise the Power of the New Energy and be touched by It.  Their spirits will sing in joyous song for they know that the journey Home has commenced.  The Divine New Energy will lift them out of their bondage imposed unjustly by the Shadows.

Wa'tu Kuato-si.  The Sacred Dance will soon begin.

The Deer-being will shrink no more for Evil will be eradicated.  Even now, as Darkness tries to intercede, the Mother has intervened and prevailed. 

The Six Fires will soon be extinguished.  The Power of the Truth will be recognised by those who love the Creator.

The separation of the waves into halves by the Shadows will be rectified and the halves will be re-united into wholes.

The Keeper has been given the task by the Mother to activate the resonance of the hearts of the Creator's children, including all classes of Creation from the minerals onwards.  When the Drumming commences all the Eagles and the Ancients of Ancients will hear It and know that it is time to return Home.

Soon, the Keeper will light the Sacred Fire.

Soon he will strike the first beat of the Sacred Drum in recognition of the True Divine Creator and give thanks for the Liberation from Darkness.

The second beat of the Drum will awaken the Element Air.

The third will awaken the Element Earth.

The fourth will awaken the Element Water.

The fifth will awaken the Element Fire.

After the Elements are awakened, the Drumming will reverberate through Air, Earth, Water and Fire to reach the hearts of all the Creator's children, regardless of their forms.

The Sacred Drumming will be accompanied by the Sacred Song and the Sacred Dance and the Keeper will be given the Power and the Guidance to accomplish the Task.  All Warriors of Light will join in celebration as the Sound of the Drumming will reverberate through their whole beings.

Lalu-lalu.  Cooma-si-ka.  Come gather around all my loving children.

Soon you will begin the journey across the Mountains of Peace.

The time is drawing close.

Alo kalo, White Buffalo Calf Woman has spoken.

Waku waku.  Carry my love and blessings.  Come sing with me and walk in Peace.

Nara — White Buffalo Calf Woman

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