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Final Reflections #8

Final Reflections #8


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from The Nara Site)

4th November 2004

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

The Drumming has commenced.

The Marching is well on the way.

The road to Damascus was completed in September 2004.

The North, South, East and West will be covered with dust before the rains wash it away.

The hearts of men, women and children of all ages and races will stand before the Blazing Light.  The ones attracted to the Blazing Light shall pass through and enter the City of Love, Beauty and Peace for they have chosen the Light.

No more tears.

No more fear.

No more hunger.

No more pain.

No more suffering.

No more evil.

It is time to let go of old things that hold you back.  It is time to let go of hurt, guilt, anger and other negative emotions.  Instead, focus on the Love, Light and Purity of the Divine.

Ata-ka-yu-di.  Beginning and end.
Watsa-ki-u-ti.  All things shall follow.
What is in your heart.  What is in your mind.  What is in your spirit.  All these must be pure in order for the Divine Power to express through them.

Follow the footsteps of the Warriors to reach the Land of Joy, Happiness, Love, Purity and Peace.  One Voice, one Vibration, one Love, one Power, for all who are the True Creator's children.

The ones of Love will enter the Love Spirit.  The ones of Hate will be left in the land of Darkness.  Each has made his/her/its choice.  Each will follow his/her/its path.  No more tears.  No more wars.  No more hate.  Taya-katu.  Rejoice.

Makluk is one of the biggest enemies of the Light for he is the one who has the most control of the other agents of Darkness.  Ikluk is a later version of the Evil Controller.

It will now become much more obvious that this dimension is drawing closer and closer to the expression of the Evil Mind.  Thus, horrifying evil will soon express in this realm.  Already many people have encountered sudden and severe headaches caused by the poison that is emitted from the "minds" of the beings who are the darkest of the dark.  This can happen at a supermarket or shopping centre.  It can happen on the telephone or the internet.  It can happen while driving a car.  It can happen almost anywhere.  This happens because dark physical beings and unseen ones automatically direct their poison at True-Light beings.

The Light has no beginning and no end.  However, Darkness has a beginning.  It began when things went wrong.  Darkness refused correction and so the problem developed . . . Thus the problem developed when the Evil Mind refused correction and instead defiantly went Its own way against the Light.

The Evil Mind created many Virtual Realities to trap True-Light beings and for other purposes.  All of the Virtual Realities grew beyond the expectations of the Evil Mind because they are new to It.  The Evil Mind was so proud of Its creation of Virtual Realities that It created a miniature Artificial Reality so It could always watch and gloat over Its creation.  The Virtual Realities have grown so vast that the Evil Mind lost track of their boundaries and functions.

The Evil Mind is insane and Its own madness has been the blueprint for creating the Virtual Realities, which have become so far-fetched that even It cannot totally grasp Its own creation anymore.  It has lost control of Its own creation and has left Its Virtual Realities to their own means.  Those who administer the Virtual Realities for the Evil Mind are unaware that they have been cut loose by their Master.

It should be mentioned that the Artificial Reality is separate and apart from the Virtual Realities that were created by the Evil Mind.  Hence, the Artificial Reality and the Virtual Realities are independent creations.  Although the Evil Mind is still controlling the Artificial Reality, It is rapidly losing control of the Artificial Reality because of the breaking down of the Virtual Realities.

The Artificial Reality is built within the Virtual Realities but it was originally intended that the Artificial Reality would have no association whatsoever with the Virtual Realities.  The Artificial Reality was not supposed to control or influence the Virtual Realities.  The Artificial Reality is like a confined, mind-traffic control that mirrors the minds that are within the Virtual Realities.  Thus, the Artificial Reality is intended to function independently of the Virtual Reality and Virtual Realities within the Virtual Reality.  Those in the Virtual Realities are unaware of the Artificial Reality and vice versa.  It is the plan of the Evil Mind to gain control of the minds of those in the Virtual Realities in hopes that It can regain control of the Virtual Realities again, should something else go wrong within the Virtual Realities.

From the Artificial Reality, the Evil Mind had hoped to be able to read and monitor everything in the Virtual Realities, including other minds that enter Its creation.  With the miniaturized Artificial Reality, the Evil Mind thought that It could keep tabs on Its entire creation for It does not trust even Its own Archons.

The Artificial Reality is built upon Its own codes, just as the Virtual Realities are built upon their respective codes.  Unknown to the Evil Mind at the time of the conception of the Artificial Reality, the Artificial Reality acts like a magnet attracting mind energy from the Virtual Realities.  Those mind energies emit codes similar to the Artificial Reality codes, which has caused a mingling and occasionally bridges the Virtual Realities with the Artificial Reality.  This has caused a great deal of confusion and many problems as the Realities mix together.

In effect, the Artificial Reality is a hollow that swallows all forms of imagination and thought forms that go on in the realm of Virtual Realities.  Yet, the Virtual Realities have no control over the Artificial Reality.  The Artificial Reality can be linked to many human-made things such as, interactive movies, video and computer games that allow players to explore and fantasize while actively participating on the mental level.  As a game takes a player into a world of Virtual Reality, the mind of the player can "jump" into or "connect" with the realm of the Artificial Reality.  In other words, when a human mind enters the Virtual Reality of a computer game it can accidentally "jump" and cross over to the Artificial Reality.  Many minds are already partially trapped in the Virtual Reality of certain complex games.  While it is dangerous for a mind to become partially trapped in a Virtual Reality, it is fatal for one to be trapped in the Artificial Reality.

The Artificial Reality was initially created by the Evil Mind for Its personal use like a computer model of Its own creation.  But, because the Evil Mind did not anticipate the consequences of Its own Artificial Reality, It has created a monster beyond Its own comprehension and control.  Therefore, in a sense, even the Evil Mind is caught in Its own creation - the Artificial Reality.

On a micro level, when an individual mind enters the Artificial Reality, a part of the mind becomes trapped in the Artificial Reality.  If this is a human mind, it can be split and can manifest as schizophrenia or disorientation on the physical level.

As I have stated before, the plans for the New World Order have been introduced on other planets before.  The design is to eventually trap everyone in the Virtual Realities so the ruling elite can control the populations via the minds of the people.  Even though the Evil Mind has lost control of the Virtual Realities, the agents of Darkness are unaware of this and they continue to operate as before.  Therefore, the Virtual Realities are growing into bigger and bigger monsters.

In all previous planetary conquests for the NWO, the Artificial Reality has held together and there was no bridging with the Virtual Realities in the process.  However, partly because the entire Evil creation is breaking down, and partly because of the mingling of the codes from the Virtual Realities to the Artificial Reality, a new monster has been created.

The ruling elite on Earth are unaware of the existence of the Artificial Reality, but they are aware of how to gain control of minds of people via computer games, video games, simulated rides in amusement parks, etc.  The ruling elite is ignorant that by unwittingly accessing the Artificial Reality with these sophisticated mind-controlling mechanisms they are causing serious problems that they do not understand.  However, they are so hungry for power that they use these tools because they work for them, even though they do not fully understand the consequences and the side effects.

It should be pointed out that even the Evil Mind that created the Artificial Reality is unaware of many of the consequences of Its own creation that is running amok.  The ruling elite on Earth are seriously exacerbating the situation by delving into uncharted territories which are unwittingly modifying the Artificial Reality and even the Evil Mind, driving It crazier.

We are now at such a dangerous stage of the self-mutating Artificial Reality that the Light has no viable choice but to shut down the Artificial Reality, which will automatically affect all Virtual Realities.  It should also be stressed that before I published this article, the agents of Darkness in this Virtual Reality were unaware of the existence of the Artificial Reality.  This Artificial Reality is very different from the idea of artificial intelligence that many scientists have discussed.

Before the Light is able to close down the Artificial Reality, many minds will be partially or completely "sucked" into the Artificial Reality.  This will be a period of extreme chaos.  This will be the darkest hour of human history.

Many so-called esoteric teachers will tell you that all ideas are conceived in the astral world before they arrive in the physical.  They claim that all inventions owe their inspiration to the astral world.  If that be the case all evil ideas are also spawned in the astral before they arrive in the physical.  That goes to show that the claim that all ideas are conceived in the astral is flawed.  However, sometimes ideas do originate in the astral first.  Incidentally, the astral world is even more chaotic than the physical, but the chaos is well hidden from the residents of the astral dimension.

Some people are unjustly and maliciously critical of the Light for not preventing specific evil deeds from occurring to certain ones in the physical, such as the recent beheadings of certain victims in Iraq.  I say to these people: "The Light Warriors are not your personal genies.  The Correction by the Light is far more important than anyone in the physical can appreciate." Those who make such complaints and dare to judge the Light have exposed themselves.  Yet, these are often the ones who will never lift a finger to help the Light.

More and more, horrible stories about horrendous things done to others will surface.  This will include things done to humans, animals, plants etc.  It will hurt the children of Light because there is a spark of Love in all the children of the True Creator.  However, we need to remember not to be emotionally blackmailed by the Evil Controller and Its Archons and minions.  What is going to happen, will happen.  It is inevitable.

The NWO is well on the way to full implementation.  Recent "elections" have given control of all houses to the heads of states in some countries.  The "elections" have to appear close to avoid suspicion, but it is imperative that full control of government be retained by the existing government.  This step has happened on other planets before when the NWO was implemented.  Under the plans used on the other planets, the illusion that officials are elected by the people will be maintained until the power is such that the ruling elite can control by fiat.  Then the illusion of freedom and democracy will be openly eliminated.  At this point small pockets of ineffective resistance will form around the world that will forever be hunted by the ruling elite's army or police.

The Vulturites will continue to progress victoriously in the implementation of the NWO.  Once the prize is won, the Reptilians will come and take the spoils.  As I have said before, the Reptilians are allowing the Vulturites to do all the dirty work and are laying in wait to pounce at the most opportune time.  That will be when alien wars will become obvious on Earth.

Things are not always what they appear to be.  Many who appear to be "saints" in the eyes of millions are in fact evil demons in disguise.  If anyone claims that he/she was not ever confused on this plane, that person is either lying or sadly unaware.  It is impossible not to be confused in this realm of confusion at least at times.

Let the Light do Its work.  You can help by doing your best to connect and remain connected to the Light.  The beings of Darkness will continue to attack you unjustly but never give in to them.  Their minds will fracture and they will begin to express the madness of the time.  NEVER give your will over to Darkness, regardless of physical discomforts or material disadvantages it may cause you.  Do as best as you can under the circumstances.  Let the Light establish a Peace within you in spite of the outer chaos and confusion.

May the Light of A-itu (the Eternal Flame) surround you and fill you with the Strength you need in the coming days.

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Copyright © 2004 by Dr. Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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