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The Virtual Reality of the Sleep World

The Virtual Reality of the Sleep World


Amitakh Stanford 

(republished from the Nara site)

7th July 2006

All of the "natural laws" that govern the physical world are based upon illusions that have been conjured up by Darkness.  All "natural laws" in the Virtual Reality are purposely imposed upon the inhabitants of the Dodecahedron - the Virtual Reality - to disadvantage the inhabitants (who are really prisoners or slaves of Darkness), and to benefit Darkness.  Every illusion employed by Darkness is founded on the Grand Illusion of Motion.

The illusion of no-motion has been a topic of discussion in many of my writings.  It is the illusion that Darkness created to keep beings that are trapped in the Dodecahedron from realizing that they are spinning and spinning for no purpose other than to suit Darkness.  The spinning is brought about by the illusion of motion, which trapped beings are almost totally oblivious to because of the illusion of no-motion.

As I mentioned before, the illusion of no-motion is really an illusion within the illusion of motion and motion is the Grand Illusion of Darkness.  It is through the illusion of motion that Darkness was able to "create" Its virtual realities.  The entire Virtual Reality is encased in the Dodecahedron, which is composed of the twelve pentagon-shaped universes.

The illusion of no-motion causes great confusion.  Even the encasement of True Spirits in "souls" in this Virtual Reality stems from the illusion of no-motion.   The illusion of no-motion is that illusion that deceives beings into thinking there is no-motion unless their rate of travel changes.  This illusion causes things in this pseudo-creation to appear to be very different from what they really are.  Hence, people are deceived and confused by the illusion.  For example:  The illusion of no-motion makes the Earth appear to be standing still for those who occupy it, and without in-depth study, the Earth's residents would be ignorant that the Earth is in constant motion.

The illusion of no-motion is now fracturing because the Virtual Reality is collapsing.  Once the illusion of no-motion is totally fractured, the separation of Spirit from Matter will be completed.  This means that True Spirits will finally be freed from the encasements that are called "souls".  As I have explained in other writings, the latter are pseudo-spirits that impersonate True Spirits while all the while they act as jails of the True Spirits that are trapped in the Virtual Reality.  The illusion of no-motion should not be confused with the Buddhist concept of illusion, which is yet another form of illusion within the illusion - a virtual reality within the Virtual Reality.

When Darkness corrupted thinking and created thoughts and thought forms, It became deluded in Its own fantasy.  As Darkness became more and more deluded, Its "creation" became more and more entwined to such an extent that Darkness has become confused by Its own handiwork.  In other words, Darkness is demented and trapped in Its own creation.

Motion was created so that Darkness could cluster Its thought forms into pseudo-material amalgamations, which I have called "Matter".  Thought forms as we know them in this Virtual Reality originated in the Mind of Darkness.  Thought forms come from thoughts; thoughts and thought forms as we know them exist only in the Virtual Reality and in the Mind of Darkness.

Darkness projected Its thoughts to "create".  So, in a sense, everything in the Virtual Reality is in the Mind of Its "creator" - it is Darkness' delusion.

Thoughts grow and stimulate negativity or positivity.  Thoughts can cause obsessions, corruption, influence behaviour and responses.  Corruption of thoughts is due to thoughts of Darkness acting out Darkness' delusions, fantasies and desires.  The delusions of Darkness have permeated the entire Virtual Reality.  Darkness could have returned to Purity but It was too enamoured with Its own thoughts.  In a simplified explanation, Darkness is so deluded by Its own sense of grandeur that It rejects the Light.

Motion is the foundation for vibration, which is yet another illusion within the illusion of motion.  Vibrations are used to create many other illusions, including false light (material light, or light made from material particles).  Dimensions within the Virtual Reality are brought about by various frequencies of vibrations.  Hence, dimensions are illusions within the illusion of vibration, which is an illusion within the illusion of motion.  Thus, it can be seen that the Virtual Reality is composed of illusions within illusions.

However, these illusions are very "real" because Darkness very much intended the illusions to appear to be all there is.  Otherwise, the Virtual Reality would not be such a successful trap.  In fact, the Virtual Reality appears so real that even Darkness has become convinced that it is real.

The Virtual Reality has many illusions, including the illusions of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.  These illusions were all "created" by Darkness, and none of these illusions will exist when the Grand Illusion of Motion ceases.

Darkness invented the five senses.  The main reason for the "creation" of the senses was to further entrap beings in Its make-believe world of the Virtual Reality.  Many people are now so numbed in awareness that they accept that unless something can be experienced through the five physical senses, it is not real.

Those who have "vision", "hearing" or other ways of sensing things beyond the five accepted senses are often considered to be deluded.  Many psychologists and medical professionals will zealously attempt to "cure" people who admit to having experiences beyond the five physical senses by prescribing mind-altering drugs to harness what they perceive to be a psychiatric problem.  In extreme cases, such ones are incarcerated for admitting to sensing things beyond the five physical senses.

As the Virtual Reality fractures more and more, so will the dimensions within the Virtual Reality fracture.  As more and more people can sense inter-dimensional activities, many of them will be diagnosed as schizophrenic or as suffering from other forms of mental disorders.  The ignorance of other dimensions, and the reliance upon the five senses, are so deeply instilled in the population that most people are in absolute denial of the possibility of other forms of existence or intelligence apart from the physical.  This will leave most people unable to cope with the fracturing of the Virtual Reality.  Science and medicine will have no real answers, and their proposed "cures" will actually be detrimental to the well-being of those who are breaking through the five physical senses.

As the Virtual Reality succumbs further to the fracturing, more and more of Its "magic" will weaken and dissipate.

Darkness created many "laws" by which to give the appearance of order in Its "creation".  Laws of motion, gravity, inertia, re-action and others were put into place.  These so-called "natural laws", rules, protocols and principles are necessary for the appearance of order and workings in the Virtual Reality.  Through these artificial laws, predictability and order are achieved.  All of these artificial laws are part of the trap of the Virtual Reality.  They are restrictions put into play by Darkness.  They appear to work only because of the "natural laws" of the Virtual Reality.  In dreams, people can do the unthinkable and unattainable.  Therefore, there are different laws and restrictions in the physical Virtual Reality than those in the sleep world virtual reality.  The dream world is a sub-part of the sleep world; dreams are illusions within the illusion of the sleep world reality.

All biological bodies require rest.  This is an intentional imposition upon the bodies.  In humans and animals, sleep is the deepest form of rest, and further, it is a requirement for continued existence in the physical.  Deprivation of sleep is detrimental to all biological bodies.  The extent of sleep deprivation can weaken the etheric body, the physical immune system, cause health and mental problems, and in extreme cases, it can be fatal.

We are not the body, we are the consciousness.  The consciousness is not the physical body, although it is housed in the physical body and encased in the "soul", which is often mistaken for the True Spirit.  The "soul" was created by Darkness to imprison the True Spirit - the consciousness.  The "soul" mimics the True Spirit of the Divine Creation.  However, the "soul" is the spirit of all the artificial creations of Darkness.  In other words, for all intents and purposes, the "soul" is all there is for those created by Darkness - they are artificial and can only exist in the Virtual Reality created by Darkness.

Darkness was aware that the True Spirit is always active and would soon see through the illusion of motion if allowed to remain in the Virtual Reality in its Divine state.  Therefore, Darkness created bodies that require sleep.  Darkness created the sleep world so that consciousnesses would be occupied and sidetracked while their respective biological bodies were at rest.

The astral body moves out of the physical body during sleep and travels to many places.  However, there is always a link to the physical body, even during sleep.  In other words, the consciousness drives the astral body from the home station of the physical body.

The consciousness does not need sleep - only the physical body needs sleep.  Generally, in this Virtual Reality, when a person dies and sheds his or her physical body, the astral body goes to the astral world.  It is at this time that the "soul" leaves the physical body and thereafter resides in the astral body of the deceased.

The astral world has its own "natural laws".  For instance, a person can travel or change his or her appearance at will in the astral world.

Once a person enters the astral world after physical death, he or she will eventually enter into a deep "sleep", after which the being resumes a new life in the astral world.  Note that this is not the normal, "day-to-day" sleep of the astral world.  It is a sleep whereby the new arrivals are stripped of much of their knowledge acquired throughout their physical lifetimes, and during which they are also programmed with false memories and various types of programming - "brainwashing".  After they have gone through the initial programming, the new arrivals "awaken" and begin their conscious lives in the astral world.

Once "awakened", the new arrivals receive further tuition in the halls of learning, which are really programming centres.  The majority of the residents of the astral world are oblivious to the ugly truth behind the workings of the astral world virtual reality, because they have been fed with untruth.  Even the sincere ones are convinced that they are helping others by promoting what they have been told is good for themselves and others in the astral world.

Astral beings, like physical beings, require sleep from time to time.  However, very few of the astral residents are even aware that they require sleep because the type of sleep that exists in the astral world is very foreign to the process of sleep in the physical world.  Therefore, the astral residents often mistakenly believe that they never need to sleep except upon their early days of arrival in the astral world.  Their explanation is that until the new arrivals are adjusted to going without sleep they will think that they need to sleep.

Many people think that the astral world is heaven, which is far from being true.  The astral world is yet another virtual reality within the Virtual Reality.  After astral beings have been programmed and encouraged enough by others in the astral world, they begin to accept the situation as normal.  The astral world is even more of a programming centre than the physical world.  The so-called higher masters of the astral world are usually Anunnaki agents of Darkness.

Amongst the programming in the astral world is a programme to mask the truth and allow the residents to artificially feel that they are happy and free.  This is similar to giving a depressed person an anti-depressant medication.  In other words, the astral beings are all "drugged" to the extent that they are nearly oblivious to the deceptions in which they exist.  Everything looks clean and pure in the higher astral worlds, but this is only illusional.  Things in the astral world are at least as deceptive as they are in the physical world.

Sleep is the doorway to the world of virtual realities within yet other virtual realities.  The sleep world is like a world of its own with its permanent and temporary residents as well as its visitors.  It is like a huge cosmopolitan, international centre.

By analogy, the sleep world is like a place where every visitor must automatically pay a "toll" at the "doorway" in the form of energy.  Energy is the currency of the Virtual Reality.  This "toll" is extracted whether the sleeper enters the sleep world from the astral or the physical world.

In the physical world, people sleep when they are tired or sleepy.  This is a physiological process.  That is, biological bodies are created in such a way that they must sleep.  Sleepiness can be induced even when people are not tired.  This happens under anaesthetic or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and even by auto-suggestion.

Once a person enters the world of sleep, he or she can enter other virtual realities, which include the virtual reality of dreams.  Many people believe that astral beings do not sleep.  This is probably based upon reports from astral beings who do not realize that they sleep and dream too, albeit a sleep process that is very different from that in the physical world.  Astral beings lack the knowledge about sleeping and dreaming in the astral world because the process is so subtle and different that only the most aware ones realize that they do sleep.

The world of dreams exists in the virtual reality of the sleep world, where living people from the physical world, as well as astral beings from the astral world and beings from other dimensions, congregate and interact.  The "magic" in the world of sleep is a little different from the "magic" that exists in this virtual reality of the physical world.  Language is no barrier to communication in the sleep world.

Dreams are played out in the world of Virtual Reality within the illusions of time and space.  Dreams are activities that are assembled in a location on the Mental Plane.  The Mental Plane consists of many sub-levels, all within the Mental Level of the Virtual Reality.  The sleep world is like a whole new world with its cosmopolitan, inter-dimensional residents and visitors.  Among the residents of the sleep world are the Lye-lons.  These are beings who feed on the mental energy of visitors who frequent their world.

Energy is collected in the physical world by everyone as they go about their daily business.  The collection process is primarily done unknowingly as people take it from the environment.  People can take energy from food, humans, plants, animals and minerals.  If things were just, there would be an equal exchange of energy, but things are generally not fair and honest in the Virtual Reality.  There are many energy thieves in the Virtual Reality and the entire system is based upon exploitation of another's energy.

There are energy suckers who are like vampires that drain large amounts of energy from those from whom they can take.  At times, energy "vampires" can so deplete their victims that the latter are left exhausted and weak.  Although nearly everyone has experienced a sudden depletion of energy for no apparent reason, few are suspicious that they may have been victimized by energy "vampires".  Once an energy "vampire" hooks onto a victim, it can continue to drain them from a distance until the link is severed.  Energy "vampires" can be humans, animals or astral beings.

Sleep is regarded as a natural process.  However, this "natural process" is purposely imposed upon all biological beings to force them to repeatedly enter the sleep world.  This "natural process" makes people appear to be very tired and in need of rest, when in fact they could be brimming with energy that they have collected during the day.  When they are full of energy, their bodies are programmed to feel sleepy and eventually they will fall asleep.

Sometimes people cannot fall asleep or are afraid of going to sleep because a part of themselves intuitively knows that they will be disadvantaged if they fall asleep.  This creates a barrier to sleep.  Many young children resist sleep when they are frightened because a part of themselves intuitively senses danger in the sleep world, but most of them grow out of that stage due to programming from adults and peers, that brainwashes them into being numbed to their intuitive sensing.

As people enter the sleep world, they have a certain amount of energy, of which most is extracted as a compulsory "toll" for entry into the sleep world.  The "toll" taken assures Darkness that nobody will accumulate too much energy.  Using a physical term, the extraction amount is like a high-percentage tax.  However, there are exceptions whereby certain beings are given virtual free passes as they go through the "toll booths".  These are certain higher beings of the Dark hierarchy.  Some of the highly-aware True-Light beings are also able to avoid paying the energy "toll" through by-passing certain types of energy patterns set up by the dark hierarchy.  This is akin to someone who knows how to navigate a computer to avoid certain detection by snoopers.

Astral beings must also enter the sleep world from time to time to pay the "toll" of energy they have collected in the astral world (and sometimes from the physical world also).  Astral beings are also given a boost of energy in the sleep world in return for all the energy that was stripped from them upon entering the sleep world.  The boost is only sufficient to maintain them in the astral world so that they can continue to collect more energy for Big Brother.

While one's astral body enters the virtual reality of the sleep world, the physical body is at rest and recuperating from its energy collection process from the day's work.  The astral body of the sleeper is then very actively interacting with other beings on the Mental Plane, which is really a part of the astral world.  After the "toll" is extracted, the sleeper is given just enough of a boost of energy by controllers of the sleep world to sustain the physical body for another day's work.  But, in the sleep world, there are energy thieves who will strip it from others who, like themselves, are also visiting the sleep world.  This means that there is no guarantee that the amount of energy allocated to a sleeper by the controller will be fully intact by the time the sleeper re-enters the physical world again.  Energy theft in the sleep world often occurs to people who sleep extraordinarily long periods of time.

Darkness collects the energy within the Virtual Reality in order to maintain, sustain and expand Its Virtual Reality.  By extracting "tolls" upon entry of the sleep world, Darkness then has control over all of the energy and can allocate it as It sees fit.

When somebody sleeps for only a brief period of time, they can feel refreshed if they have received their boost from the controllers.  However, for whatever reason, if they awaken before receiving the boost, they will be more exhausted than before they went to sleep because they will have "paid" the heavy entry "toll" and not been re-compensated.  Hence, in interrupted sleep, people can be much worse off than if they had not gone to sleep at all.  Bear in mind that in reality, the people who enter the sleep world are not aware of the unseen controllers or their functions.

Other times, a person can feel refreshed after a short sleep because they were in the outskirts of the sleep world where they could avoid the "toll", or because they received healing energy from awakened True-Light beings who assist in this regard.  This is why sometimes a catnap can be more refreshing than a long sleep.  It usually takes a while for a person to feel wide awake after sleeping because there is a transitional period from the sleep world to the waking world.  It is also a case of awaiting the return of the astral body from the sleep world.

Any sudden break between the sleep world and the physical world of a person can cause a jolt that can affect the body adversely throughout the day.  The process of returning from the sleep world is gradual before the person finally feels awakened.  There are times when people cannot easily awaken as they are being pulled back to the sleep world again and again until someone or something from the physical world intervenes.  The pulling back to the sleep world can occur for many reasons.

There are also some beings who know how to avoid having their energy pilfered, and how to replenish energy without taking it from others.  But, these are the exceptions.

When one is troubled or intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, one often enters into the darker domains of the virtual reality of the sleep world.  There it can be like a horror movie in which such ones are participants or unwilling observers of events that are horrifying or troubling.  Occasionally, Light workers and Attas will purposely enter into such domains to help rescue those who run into trouble.

In the sleep world, astral implants can also be inserted into the astral body of the sleeper.  While there are some Light workers who help others in the sleep world who run into trouble, the majority of the beings encountered in the sleep world are detrimental to the sleeper.

Some days, people can sleep and sleep, yet they cannot seem to replenish their energy and they continue to feel tired, exhausted and lethargic.  Regardless of what medical explanation is given to explain the situation, a very plausible reason for this is that the person has been sucked of energy in a darker part of the sleep world.  Another possible reason is that the person has been battling with dark beings in the virtual reality of the sleep world.  Things are not as simple as they appear to be in the sleep world.  Hence, sleep is not just a biological process.

When people can hold their awareness continuously from the physical to the other planes, they are aware of being in a dream and can often control the situation in the dream.  However, for many reasons, most people cannot always maintain a continuous awareness while in a dream state.  Likewise, many people do not recall what occurred in the sleep world or the dream world.  Memories of those activities are usually erased upon re-entry to the physical world.  What many people believe to be their dreams are, in fact, fragments of encounters in the sleep world that appear to be nonsensical at times.

Dreams are entered into from time to time while people are in the sleep world.  The dream world is a sub-part of the sleep world.  There, many things from the physical world can be reflected and acted upon.  It appears that there is no past, present and future in the dream world, but that is another illusion.  At other times there appears to be past, present and future in the dream world, which is also another illusion.  Dreams can contain past-life content, present-life situations, and pre-cognition of future events.  People who are in the dream world can also have shared experiences and have similar dreams to those of others who might be total strangers because they were there at the same time and experiencing similar events in the dream world.

Lucid dreams are very active, powerful events that can be brought into the consciousness of the dreamer upon awakening.  This is usually because the dreamer was in "control" of their state of awareness while experiencing the lucid dream.  In other words, the dreamer retained a certain degree of consciousness of their physical existence even while they were asleep and dreaming.  The more conscious they are of their physical existence while they are in the illusory dream world, the more in control of themselves and their situation they will be.  In other words, when they retain continuous awareness, they are less disadvantaged when they enter the sleep world.

As I have mentioned earlier, everyone who enters into the sleep world must pay "tolls" in the form of energy that is automatically extracted from them upon entry.  While in the sleep world, there are beings whose function is to collect the energy from those who must enter the virtual reality of the sleep world.  What happens in the physical world and the sleep world is analogous to worker bees that are programmed to collect pollen and deposit it in the hive for the queen bee.  But, at least the bees are aware that they are slaves to the queen bee.  Being conscious of the energy pilfering process, one can minimize the pollution and theft of their energy by taking certain precautions before one falls asleep.  It is a good idea to avoid negative thoughts, anger and other adverse emotions shortly before going to sleep.  Nor is it wise to go to sleep shortly after watching violent or horror movies.

When the mind is stimulated by various thoughts, worries, pain or for other reasons, some people have difficulty in falling asleep.  But, biological bodies are physiologically programmed to need sleep.  This is an illusion, yet it is very real; they must sleep or suffer tremendously adverse effects.  The biological body is programmed to need sleep to maintain itself.  When a person is deprived of sleep, he or she loses energy.  It is a catch-22 situation!

When people are subjected to torture and interrogation that includes broken sleep intervals, they can be forced into paying repeated "tolls" without receiving their boosts.  This is a similar situation to a person experiencing interrupted sleep.  The interrogators can see the result of deprivation of sleep even though they are ignorant of the esoteric reasons behind it.

Time and space are also illusions for maintaining the appearance of order and segmentation in the Virtual Reality.  They are also used as a means of keeping people ignorant about other virtual realities.

Some people claim that they can create their own realities.  Occasionally, this appears to be a factual statement.  However, Darkness would never allow people to create their own realities because It wants to protect Its own interests.  Further, It zealously guards Its secrets.

Darkness has influenced Its agents on Earth to develop the scientific method of research that impedes Truth.  The scientific method focuses upon methods of research that fit into the "natural laws" imposed by Darkness.  Therefore, the scientific method will not accept the findings of anyone who searches outside the paradigm of the acceptable scientific method.  For instance, concepts such as the existence of "souls" that cannot be verified through accepted scientific procedures will be dismissed as myths.

It has taken the Light's best efforts to uncover many of the workings of Darkness.  Everything in the Virtual Reality is illusory and in the Mind of Darkness.  Darkness keeps beings trapped by taking them ever deeper into illusions and illusions within illusions.  It does not allow beings to go outside of the illusions, but It does allow beings trapped in the Virtual Reality to fall into sub-illusions within the larger illusions.  That is, people can fall deeper into illusions, further and further removed from seeing through the illusional spells cast by Darkness.  In that sense, people are allowed to create their own illusions that they think are their own realities, which drag them deeper into Darkness' grasp.

Darkness hates True Light because only True Light can expose Darkness - only Christ sees through and knows the Anti-Christ well.  The Anti-Christ fears nobody except Christ.  In energy terms, Christ will ultimately defeat the Anti-Christ.

Darkness is fracturing from the bottom upwards.  It will be an ugly sight to witness Its fracturing.  It will no longer be able to totally maintain Its illusions.  Ultimately, Its Grand Illusion - the illusion of motion - will cease.

The following words will give a glimpse of what is to befall this small part of the Virtual Reality that we occupy:

A blanket of darkness is about to be dropped on Earth.
Between 2008 and 2009, the illusory Earth will commence fracturing.

The time will come when: 

Rains will wash
Fires will burn
North America
A lesson will learn

The tower will toll
The clock will strike
The birds in power
Will take their flight

A crevice, big and deep and wide
Will sever the continent
Bombs will burst
Blood will flow

The Lone Star State of Texas will cry out in pain

In contrast to what will befall the illusory Earth:

In 2008 those of the Light will celebrate
Fireworks, laughter and exaltation
In 2008, True-Light beings will celebrate

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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