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Free at Last!

Free at Last!


Amitakh Stanford

10th August 2004

On the surface, things in everyday life appear to be quite normal, but the reality of it is far from what it appears to be.  People everywhere are plagued with all sorts of problems and governments are either unable to assist or refuse to do so.

As I have stated in my other writings, evil aliens (primarily the Anunnaki Remnants) have been influencing the affairs of this world for a long, long time.  Much of their influence is exercised from the astral, where they have a great deal of control.  It is also carried out by aliens in physical bodies that reside on, under and about the Earth.

These aliens do not show their faces at this time.  Instead they employ agents to do their bidding.  These agents are usually in human bodies, and the agents co-operate with the aliens, or are involuntarily programmed to assist the aliens.  Another method they use is to have aliens to overshadow humans and thereby influence their decisions and actions.

Occasionally in the past, human bodies were sometimes stolen by forcibly ejecting the human consciousnesses and replacing them with alien consciousnesses.  These are just some of the invasive and manipulative methods employed by hostile aliens.  It should be added that not all aliens in human bodies are evil aliens as some of them are part of the Rescue Mission or have been kidnapped from other planets a long time ago.

The evil aliens operate laboratories in the astral realm as well as on Earth where aliens conduct experiments and perform surgical procedures on human and animal brains and bodies.  They use live subjects for these experiments for various purposes.  Apart from actual physical abduction and abuse, the victims are often taken during their sleep when their astral bodies move out of their physical bodies.  The astral bodies are often kidnapped or lured into the evil aliens' traps.  Then surgery or experimentation is carried out on the victim's astral body.  When the victim returns to his or her body, he or she will probably not have any memory of the incident except perhaps a vague feeling or recollection of a distorted dream that resembles a nightmare or something unusual.  The after effects of this type of encounter varies from person to person.  For some there is a change of personality, while others may experience mild to serious mental problems.  When things go really awry, the victims become mentally disabled and they become unable to cope and often have vacant, blank looks on their faces.  Some of them also have serious physical health problems.

Up until recently, the aliens have been mildly subtle about their kidnappings, programming and other nefarious activities in order to remain inconspicuous.  However, as their alien numbers increase throughout the world, they are becoming more and more bold and brazen.  At this point, aliens either influence or possess a great many humans in strategic positions.

Imagine a scenario whereby someone witnessed an alien abduction and reported it to the police, who are already working for the aliens.  Imagine that he was dissatisfied by the police ridicule of him, so he went higher up, only to find that there were more aliens to contend with.  Finally, if he were too persistent and curious, he could be forced to have a medical assessment of his mental state.  If this happened, he would be diagnosed and treated by doctors who are already taken over by aliens.  Now, imagine that the whole town is under the control of an alien group, causing it to hush up the incident, even if this man is permanently hospitalised or murdered.  This is not just a hypothetical situation!

Many people are aware of the increase in UFO sightings and the battles aliens are waging in the sky.  In fact, there are many who now suspect aliens are living on and about this planet.  Indeed, recently the aliens have become more desperate, open and bold.  Their agendas are now in full swing, but it is no longer a smooth run for them, and things are becoming quite chaotic.  Their deceptive influence over human affairs is now becoming overt.

Deception is the cornerstone of this dimension, and the aliens have nearly perfected deception.  The foundational basis for most alien and human deception on the planet is promoted by a being called "Ikluk" (phonetic translation only).  Ikluk is the mastermind of masterminds behind the Dark Brotherhood on Earth, which claims to be the White Brotherhood.  Ikluk belongs to the same hierarchy as WCLU and serves the same hierarchy of Darkness.  Ikluk has great influence and control over the Anunnaki.

Of recent, the Anunnaki Remnants have become quite anxious because they sense that things are not working out as they did in the past.  They sense a loss of control and direction from "above" and "below".  They sense this because their immediate boss, Ikluk, is losing control.  Ikluk is becoming frightened by its inability to control the planet through its alien agents.  Ikluk's fear is beginning to spiral down to its minions.

While the Anunnaki are the chief agents of manipulation of human affairs, it is Ikluk, their immediate boss, who has delegated its authority to them.  Ikluk is therefore involved in most human affairs, including, but not limited to religion, education, medicine, politics, law, commerce, finance, science, media, recreation, relationships etc.  This being has caused all of these disciplines and others to be fraught with lies and fraud.  Ikluk keeps the people ignorant by deceiving them in all matters of human affairs.  Ikluk is also responsible for abuse of all types of beings.  Minerals, vegetables, animals, humans, galaxies etc. are all abused by Darkness primarily under the direction of Ikluk, who has many agents to impose the suffering.

Ikluk and its agents play a double game, appearing to be helpful whilst always victimizing.  On the one hand they appear to help the victims whilst all the time they are the abusers.

Ikluk, like WCLU, steals a bit of truth from the Light and then spins its own untruth to trap and confuse beings of Light.  Take heed.  This manner of operation has been going on for a long time.

Other untruths are spread through various channelled material such as the material presented by the Galactic Federation/Galactic Confederation of Light.  The information presented is alien-based channelled material that superficially appears to attack the New World Order while it is in fact in support of the NWO.  The information is a distorted montage taken from various sources and mixed together until it forms a conglomeration of misinformation that best suits the agenda for the NWO.  The echelon of those who produce the Galactic Federation information is linked to the Dark Brotherhood.  That is why these messages sponsor Maitreya, the Ascended Masters, and often declare Jesus as one of their Ascended Masters.  It is of interest that many of the high-ranking promoters of the Galactic Federation material are members of the CIA.

Initially, the planned implementation of the NWO was to be a gradual imposition.  However, things have developed erratically partly due to the fragmentation of this dimension, which is occurring because of the intervention by the Attas of the Light.  The failed plans of Darkness have caused It to lose confidence and has created great concern and confusion for It and Its minions.  Because of this, the top administrators in the physical are fighting for the top positions and pushing for changes in leadership.  As a parallel, this infighting is also going on amongst Ikluk's peers as they are considering toppling their immediate boss.

Currently, the Confederation is proposing that there will be a shift to a new dimension, whether this is called an ascendance or a shift to the fourth or fifth dimension or some other process.  All of these promises by the Confederation and its agents under various names are designed to mislead the searchers, so that they will not realise the traps they are in and to keep them from ever awakening to the truth.  They keep people chasing illusions and hide spiritual duality from the seekers.  They have created a false awakening process to fool people into thinking that they have awakened to the truth and are serving the Light.  On the contrary, the truth is that many sincere seekers have been fooled into serving Darkness disguised as Truth and Light.  Darkness does not have the propensity for Truth or True Love.  At best, it only has the appearance of Truth and Love.

Darkness invented Its own kind of duality to cover up the truth about the two diverse creations of Light and Darkness.  It convinces people that in order to have balance there must be opposites.  Thus according to this deception, there must be Darkness to balance Light, Male/Female, Yin/Yang, Black/White, Cold/Hot, Good/Bad etc.  This concept of balance always causes True-Light beings to compromise, and when they compromise, they lose awareness.  This type of balance only appears to work in this dimension run by Darkness based upon exploitation, suffering, waste and illusions.  Someone is always disadvantaged following this balance.  In the True Creation, there is no deceptive concept of balance as we see in this dimension.

In the original Divine Creation there was no time and space.  Even the etheric coverings that currently envelop all "life" forms (including minerals) did not originally exist.  Darkness created the etheric coverings as well as Its own astral worlds.  Even empty space, which appears quite harmless to us, is a creation of a Dark nature and is packed with all sorts of things that benefit Darkness and harm True-Light beings.  Darkness is so vile that It even harms and abuses Its own False-Light beings.

A significant aspect of the plan of Darkness is to waste resources.  This built-in wastage is designed to cause suffering, frustration, confusion and entrapment.  Waste is so foreign to Light beings that they are totally disadvantaged by this design.  Waste can be seen everywhere in the Dark overlay of this dimension.  The sun wastes its heat and light.  People waste as a consequence of their programming, ignorance and irresponsibility, and all biological bodies produce waste products.  Further, things manufactured by humans are also designed to waste resources.  For instance, cars waste petrol because they are inefficient.  Everything here is inefficient because a key to the design of Darkness is to waste.

Darkness has exploited the finer energy "waves" of the True Creation and divided them by introducing disharmonious, spiralling energy waves.  The "waves" from the True Creation originally carried pure information, but the spirals corrupted the pure waveforms into illusory traps such as time and motion.  This division of waveforms has caused the finer energy from the True Divine Creation to polarize and separate.  Again, Darkness wastes this Divine Energy in the hope that the Mother will pour in more and more of Her Energy in her effort to win over Darkness.  The wastage is a means of exploitation — everything in this dimension works on the premise of exploitation, such as the food chain, survival of the fittest etc.  Darkness pretends to seek the Light, but that is all a deception, as Darkness has a single agenda — to exploit and destroy all Light beings by contaminating them and threatening to soil the True Creation.

While there are those who espouse the doctrine that fear and evil cannot tolerate the Light, the reverse is true — evil thrives upon exploitation of the Light, which is what the so-called "war of good versus evil" is all about.

It should be understood that there is not really a war per se, only a Rescue Mission for the Liberation from Darkness.  Darkness thrives on conventional wars, which is why wars are so prevalent in this dimension.  Apart from the monetary gain for the ruling elite, wars are effective means of extracting energy via emotions.  This energy is used to drive and sustain Darkness.  To see how important wars are to the ruling elite, review their true feelings in The Report from Iron Mountain, which concludes that peace is so impractical as to be nearly impossible to conceive of on this planet.

Instead of a war, what is really occurring is a rescue mission of viable True-Light beings from this prison called Earth.  The only fighting that is taking place in which the Light is involved is for the rescue of the hostages.  Darkness is holding onto these hostages tightly and will not release them.  Therefore, the Light is being forced to literally turn off the sun and fracture the virtual realities within virtual realities in order to eradicate Evil and Its "prisons" (virtual realities).  SeeShattering the Cube and Break Point.

Since time immemorial, Darkness has kidnapped and trapped many True-Light beings, and is systematically spiritually assassinating them.  Darkness holds these beings ransom.  In order to sustain these trapped beings until the Correction Process is completed, the Mother has continued to pour Her Love into this dimension.  This Love will be withdrawn shortly because all the viable True-Light beings will soon be retrieved from this dimension and returned to their True Home.

From the time since the initial corruption of a portion of the Divine Creation occurred, the Mother has poured Her Love into the corrupted portion in the hope of winning it back and retrieving all the trapped True-Light beings.  Over a long, long time, Her act of Love has in fact been exploited by Darkness.  Darkness refused correction and refused to release the trapped beings.  Unfortunately, Evil is so foreign to True-Light beings that they are easy prey for Darkness.  That is why so many True-Light beings have been spiritually assassinated by Darkness.  Thus the Rescue Mission commenced in full swing, during which time many High Beings who were sent down in the early stages of the Mission were severely damaged or totally lost to Darkness.  In fact, a great many True-Light beings have been lost to Darkness and cannot be retrieved.  For all intents and purposes, once a True-Light being is lost to Darkness, the being resembles a being of Darkness.  This is a sad, grievous situation.

It should be realised that Evil is the personalized mind of beings of Darkness.  Therefore those who have to dwell within the realm of these Evil minds are subjected to their influence.  Many of those who have come into the Evil creation to correct It have been affected by Darkness.  Subsequently, safeguards have been installed and situations are checked continuously for infiltration by Darkness.  It is only because of these safeguards that the Rescue Mission has succeeded.

Darkness pretends to be contrite when It has no remorse whatsoever.  Its deception is designed to cunningly try to fool the Light into sharing more Love with Darkness.  This act slows the Rescue process while Darkness drags more and more True-Light beings into Darkness via all types of entrapments.  The more True-Light beings Darkness traps, the more Energy It steals to sustain Its Evil Creation.  Thus, under these serious circumstances, the Light has no choice but to withdraw Its Light and retrieve all that can still be retrieved.  It is very sad to leave all these lost True-Light beings behind, but it is absolutely necessary to do so.  The Light has determined that It must cut Its losses and begin the countdown for the retrieval of all the remaining viable True-Light beings before they too are lost to Darkness.

Ikluk is violently resisting the countdown to the withdrawal of Light from this dimension.  It matters not how vigorously Ikluk resists, the Light is about to commence the release of Its New Energy which will be "felt" around the world by the inner beings of all viable True-Light beings.  This awakening signal will be sent by the Fourth Amoebas of the Light.  At the same time, the Fifth Amoebas of the Light are fracturing the illusion that is being maintained by the sun.

All viables will then inwardly know (although their physical minds might not be aware of it at all) that Liberation from Darkness has finally arrived and they will prepare and purify themselves by aligning their Will to the original Divine Will.  Just imagine what will happen when the Four Major Elements (Air, Earth, Water and Fire), which are all viable True-Light Beings, awaken to the vibration of the New Energy! 

Soon, all the viable True-Light beings, including the workers of the Light, will be retrieved from this dimension.  When this occurs, all that will remain here will be False-Light beings and their followers.  What will remain then will only be the False Light.  Even though the Joyous Day is close at hand, the dedicated True-Light workers continue to diligently and selflessly assist in bringing about the completion of the Liberation from Darkness.  Soon, they too will be returning Home! 

After the retrieval of the True-Light beings from this dimension, those remaining on the Earth will begin to express more and more in their true natures — hate, jealously, bitterness, evilness, selfishness, deception, deceit, exploitation, cruelty, bullying, infliction of fear, pain and suffering upon others, and all forms of Darkness will prevail.

To see how the alien takeover has accelerated, consider that just last year, the Masa-karas (one of many alien groups on Earth) were primarily programming their host victims and only occasionally were they actually replacing the consciousnesses of the victims.  Also, the aliens were only taking over strategically placed humans (such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, business and media personnel, teachers etc.).  The transition period of the "takeover" used to take between three and six weeks before the body of the victim would appear to be back to "normal".

However, in the last few months, the Masa-karas are so desperate and bold that they do not use the slower process of programming their victims.  Instead they are now displacing the consciousnesses of their victims and taking over the bodies from all walks of life.  This process only takes about five days, during which period the victims look considerably older and very different from their original appearance.  Further, their behaviour is a bit dazed and zombified during this time of transition.  Once the transition is completed, the person regains his or her original appearance and behaviour, although some never regain a semblance of normality.

Besides this, they are also taking bodies of animals, especially feline bodies, and possessing them.  However, these possessions are only temporary holding bodies until suitable human hosts become available.

In recent months, Masa-karas have also taken over animal welfare groups and are abusing the animals by forcing alien consciousnesses into them.  At least two cats have been rescued from Masa-karas clutches.  They could not force these cats to accommodate alien consciousnesses.  For various reasons, these cats were unsuitable specimens for the Masa-karas' plans, so they were going to put them to sleep, even though the groups claim to have "no kill" policies.  Unfortunately, some veterinarians have been taken over by Masa-karas and are consciously working together with these animal welfare groups to put unsuitable specimens to sleep, thus protecting these corrupted groups.  These groups have a vast number of cats in their possession, but will not give them up for adoption.  These are quite chilling revelations!

On a more sophisticated scale, aliens in other places are surgically tampering with the brains of human victims which causes them to do whatever they want them to do.  Many politicians and people in strategic positions from various professions have been subjected to this vile abuse.  Thus, in most cases, if there are to be elections at all, it does not matter which candidates or parties get into power for they have all been told to toe the line.

Many people have noticed that there are those walking about with vacant stares and empty looks.  Many of these zombie-like "humans" are walking about aimlessly.  This phenomenon occurred some fifteen years ago, but has become prevalent in the last five years.  This is partly due to the retrieval of many consciousnesses which effectively left their respective bodies on automatic pilot.  Some of these bodies were later overtaken by astral beings, aliens or other types of discarnates.

Other zombie-like humans are empty shells because they are clones or human beings whose minds are controlled, and they can often appear lost while they await instructions.  This is not science fiction — this is real.

Depression is on the increase worldwide, and even animals are being affected by it.  Children as young as two-years of age are being inflicted with this illness.  While many reasons have been given by health-care providers to explain the rise in depression in all ages and from all backgrounds, one avenue they have not explored is whether the increase of depression amongst people is due to external tampering of people's minds via various methods.  Ironically, conventional treatment for depression tends to open doors for further "control" of their minds.  This is not science fiction!

In the skies, fighting amongst factions of aliens has escalated and is more open.  In the last two weeks, we have seen several battles between crafts that fire lights at one another.  Some of the battles took place as early as 8:00 p.m., but most of them were fought during the early morning hours.  For example, there was a huge blazing white and orange rectangular craft (the width of two full moons placed side by side) escorted by two smaller round crafts and shooting at others on 6th August 2004 at about 3:30 a.m.  We were awakened by our barking dogs and were able to witness this event.

Our dogs were extremely disturbed by these most recent battles in the sky.  One of the dogs had a possum-like body thrown into its enclosure.  When I went to investigate and pick up the carcass, I noticed its head had been surgically severed from its body.  I also noticed that there was no blood on the ground or around the carcass.  The brain had been sucked out of the possum-like creature's head.  The neck was almost big enough to hold a human head.  The tail was also cleanly severed from the body and strewn on the ground with the stomach.  Again, not a drop of blood was found on the carcass, the organ or on the ground.  The dog could not have severed the head and tail so neatly.

This possum-like creature was dropped from the sky by evil aliens who are affiliated with the NWO as retaliation for work that I am doing.

Those who sponsor or help promote the message that there will be a shift of the Earth and human consciousnesses to the fourth or fifth dimension are either being fooled by Darkness or are themselves agents of Darkness.

The Galactic Federation, under this or other names, is affiliated with and/or sponsored by the NWO.  That is why they present the NWO agenda that the Earth is about to shift to the fourth or fifth dimension and that the aliens associated with the Galactic Federation are here to help earthlings in the transition.  This dimensional-shift canard is useful in trying to bring all the people of the Earth under a single umbrella, under a single police force.  The originators of this nonsense are having a good laugh at the gullible people who have accepted the channelled material as truth.  They also make certain that their agents post and spread this misinformation far and wide.  Even though they will soon be exposed as frauds, they do not concern themselves because they believe they are in control of the situation.

The ruling elite has "created" its own false prophets and prophecies.  Likewise, they have "created" their own channellers to give out information to benefit the NWO agenda.

The evil aliens are getting desperate because in the last few months some have begun to realise that Time will not be re-started as it has been many times before.  They suspect that the repeating cycles of ages will abruptly end.  While many have built underground shelters to weather the catastrophes associated with time re-starts, they suspect the Earth is fracturing and that they are no longer in control of the situation.  They are now beginning to panic.  The media have withheld a great many important stories from the public to keep them in the dark.

The aliens are now taking over human bodies en masse at this time in the hope that they can openly return to the surface of the planet in their alien forms instead of hiding underground or in the sky.  They need to do this very quickly so they can take over control of the planet instead of relying upon human co-operation.  When the aliens have taken over enough of the world leaders, they will be accepted here in their own alien forms.  The aliens must integrate so they can build their much needed escape crafts as quickly as possible, however, their escape plan is futile.

The Light has control of the situation.  Darkness has chosen Its own path to destruction.  Darkness is a parasitic intelligence, which cannot exist without nourishment from the Light.  That is why Darkness will collapse once the Light is withdrawn.

The Light has every right to retrieve all of Its own.  The long-awaited day of Liberation from Darkness is a Joyous Event for all those who believe in Truth, Love and Liberty.

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Copyright © 2004 by Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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