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Acid Test to Identify Anunnaki Descendents

Acid Test to Identify Anunnaki Descendents


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

13th May 2005

For many people, to be alive does not necessarily mean that they are living. This world that we live in seems to accept violence as an acceptable anomaly. The majority of the people seem to keep quiet about violence perpetrated on women, men, children and animals.

If humans are not adequately protected from violence, what chance do animals have in this world so insidiously saturated by human cruelty and violence?

Animals suffer tremendously under greedy, vain, evil humans. Animals are being exploited throughout the world and slaughtered en masse for food, clothing and cosmetics, and culled for control purposes. Others face the horrors of vivisection in sinister laboratory experiments, rituals and other tortures.

Animal skins, tusks, flesh, blood, oil, organs and body parts are sold for food, cosmetics, decorations, trophies and tonics. A rather disturbing insight into how humans have abused animals can be seen in a seventeenth-century cookery, medicinal and household recipe book that recommends a horrendous cure for facial pimples. The remedy states: "Take two puppies before they can see, chop off their heads and hang them up by the heels to bleed, then mix with white wine to rid the patient of unsightly pimples." This shows that some cruel, vain people will go to any lengths for "beauty" and money, both then and now.

The horror does not stop here. It extends to certain humans whom some consider to be lesser beings, and they are treated like animals and exploited in all forms of modern slavery, including forced labour and as sex slaves. Others are slaughtered for body parts necessary for medical operations and for tonics.

The Anunnaki men are chauvinists and many of their descendents are still actively promoting, participating in and supporting the cowardly activities of exploiting women, children, animals and even men who are not cowards like them. The Anunnaki women also support their male counter-parts in their cowardly acts because they too are bloodthirsty bullies.

The Anunnaki prize "sports" that maim and kill. In olden days, the sports were conducted in arenas, with helpless slaves pitted against lions, tigers and other humans in a fight to the death while the bloodthirsty crowd cheered on. Today, the "sports" have taken on new looks and new labels, but the essence of them is the same.

Anunnaki dominated legal systems tend to favour the death penalty, although there have been some recent movements against it. It is very strange that so many of those who are against abortion and claim to be "pro-life" are the very people who scream the loudest for death penalties. This world is so filled with violence and hatred that even children are openly talking about violent retaliations. Recently, a seven-year-old boy pledged on television to avenge his father's death and stated he would kill the perpetrator.

In the Christian World, violence against animals is excused away because in the first chapter of Genesis humans were given dominion over everything that moves on the planet, and granted absolute authority to treat animals as a resource for human adornment, utility and consumption. This is demonstrated in the following four verses from Genesis:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Genesis 1:26-29.

The first striking thing about these verses is that God is presented in the plural, indicating that there is more than one being responsible for the creation of humans and animals. This is so because an Anunnaki Elite committee was responsible for the genetic engineering of certain groups of humans, animals and plants. Once the Anunnaki Elite created the bodies (shells), they forced consciousnesses into those bodies. In this manner, some very high beings have been imprisoned in human, animal and vegetable bodies.

The next most striking phrase shows that the Anunnaki Elite said to one another, "let them [humans] have dominion over [everything on and about the planet]," and " . . . subdue it . . . [the Earth]." This shows the mindset of the "creators" of the first chapter of Genesis. They are slave masters who were rewarding certain of their slaves with authority over other slaves (lower-caste humans in the Anunnaki Elite's eyes, animals and plants). Hence, even today, certain humans are still perceived by others as being lesser beings or even "animals". The use of the word "subdue" exposes the authors of Genesis for what they are - slave masters.

Now, allow me to explain a very confusing inconsistency that occurs in the book of Genesis.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1

This oft-cited verse records Darkness' super-imposition of Matter upon the True-Light Creation. It manufactured solar systems, galaxies, universes, dimensions, astral worlds etc. In the super-imposed sector all beings were forced to suffer under the patently unjust rule of Darkness.

Darkness later created one of its chief agents, the bloodthirsty Anunnaki, who were delegated responsibilities to conquer, control and manipulate populations. It was a committee of Anunnaki Elite who decided to "create" humans in Genesis 1:26. This is the first time the creation of humans appears in the extant Bible. Then, inGenesis 2:5 it is discovered that there were no humans on the Earth, so they were formed in 2:7. This confusing circumstance is easily understood once it is realized that Genesis chapter one is about the first colony of humans that were placed on the Earth, while chapter two deals with the banishment to the Earth of Adam and Eve (two Anunnaki Elite). See: The Anunnakis' Mad Rush to Unscramble Human DNA.

There are many ignorant ones who insist that animals have no "souls" (spirits) and no afterlife. Therefore, they claim that animals are only created as food and for the convenience of humans. Unfortunately, in this Virtual Reality of Darkness, the food chain affects everyone. One species preys on another for survival. Whether one is a vegetarian or a carnivore is irrelevant. The food chain was purposely created by a very sick Mind.

The truth is that animals do have "souls" and their existence continues after their physical deaths. Some say that animals have collective "souls", which is partially correct when applied to artificially created beings such as certain insects etc. Artificially created beings do not have individual spirits. For all intents and purposes, they are artificial, and their individual existences do not continue after physical death because there is no real spirit in them. In other words, they are like highly designed robots.

However, the animals that I am addressing are those with spirits, and these include domesticated and wild animals alike. These animals have consciousnesses in them just like you and me. Thus, when humans ritually sacrifice an animal, it is similar to sacrificing a human. In fact, humans have been sacrificed to appease their gods in many cultures, which practice continues even today. Human sacrifices are not always attributable to "primitive" cultures, as some highly advanced societies conducted human sacrifices. In a well-known instance, Abraham was ordered by the Anunnaki God to sacrifice his son to God, but at the last moment, a ram took the boy's place.

Under either guise (animal or human sacrifice), the gods being appeased are the Anunnaki Elite who are flesh-and-blood beings who thrive on inflicting fear, suffering and pain, and who demand absolute obedience and subjugate all their minions. The Anunnaki God of the Old Testament was in fact many different Anunnaki Elite beings. This is one reason that the Old Testament God seems to have varied personalities. However, all of these beings have very similar bloodthirsty characteristics.

Bear in mind, these are flesh-and-blood, physical beings in alien bodies. They have extraordinary powers by human standards and extremely long life spans. They are not gods, but they arrogantly behave as though they are. Much of the Bible is written for the Anunnaki to remind them of their heritage on Earth and their control over the entire planet. However, it is dressed in such a way that humans have ignorantly adopted it as a holy work about the workings of the True God.

This has caused the True-Light beings on the planet to be confused as to the nature of God, whom they deem to be just, loving and compassionate, yet the Bible paints the Anunnaki God as a punitive, bloodthirsty, vengeful being who is full of wrath, jealousy and anger. Another theme that runs throughout the Bible is that of Judgement Day, when many are punished in the fire and brimstone of Hell. This is yet another threat by the Anunnaki "gods" to frighten people into subservience. It is no wonder that so many people have mistaken the vengeful, wrathful Anunnaki God (the Dreaded Judge) for the loving, True-Light God.

There is NO JUDGEMENT DAY in the biblical sense. Ultimately, all beings judge themselves. The separation of True-Light and False-Light beings is akin to the separation of wheat and chaff. True-Light beings are those who have not given their Will over to Darkness. These are the ones I refer to as the viables.

Many of the consciousnesses in animal bodies are VIABLE True-Light beings, and slaughtering them is repulsive. Some of these consciousnesses in animal bodies are also alien (extraterrestrial) beings. The plight of animals often goes unnoticed. In this dimension, animals suffer the pain of death, of exploitation and abuse. They possess far more highly developed powers of extra-sensory perception than people realize.

I will share with you some of my experiences with animals that conclusively demonstrate that they have spirits. The experiences are not due to wishful thinking, grief or delusions, as some sceptics would claim.

A few years ago our pet kangaroo, Rosa, had a beautiful joey named Amy. Amy was a healthy, happy joey who always looked so cute and contented. She was truly the most beautiful joey I had ever seen.

A few weeks after Amy started leaving her mother's pouch intermittently to explore the outside world of her immediate surroundings, she began to spend longer periods in the field close to her mother. Then one day, Rosa started to refuse Amy entry into her pouch, except occasionally - she was weaning her joey.

Early one morning as I cast my first smile at Amy and called for her to skip to me, I saw something in Amy's aura that I had not seen before - it indicated that her life on earth might be shortly over.

Her aura indicated that she might soon leave the physical. She looked well enough, though a bit dejected because her mother had refused to let her back into the pouch. I tried to comfort Amy by carrying her around in a woollen bag, which she enjoyed. She seemed to brighten up straight away. By noon she had settled down and was most pleased when her mother eventually allowed her to tumble into the pouch.

That night something unusual occurred. Amy came to me in her spirit body to say good-bye. I sensed Amy's days were numbered and felt rather sad. The following day I spent much time with her and her mother, taking a few photos of them. Before I retired for the night, I fed Amy some low lactose milk, held her close to me and blessed her with all my heart.

The next morning, I was up earlier than usual. I knew I had to go straight to Amy to check on her. When I went into the nursery where Rosa and Amy slept at night, I found Amy under the blanket with Rosa sleeping on top of her. My heart gave a skip, for Amy had been fatally suffocated by her mother accidentally sleeping on top of her.

For the whole next two weeks, Rosa mourned for her joey. Day and night she made a noise I had not heard before. It was a sad noise, and there was slate grey in her aura showing deep sorrow.

In the first couple of days after Amy died, Rosa refused to eat and would come up to me whenever I was around, hoping to see if I had her baby. She was very disappointed when she realized I did not have her joey. Her disappointment and worry turned to sorrow. She hugged me tightly and rested her head on my body for comfort. I shared her sorrow and her loss.

Rosa had three true companions - Dina (an Eastern Red kangaroo like Rosa), Bernard and Archie (Eastern Grey kangaroos). Bernard was Amy's father. When he died, Rosa trembled for a couple of days, obviously aware that he had passed away. A little over a year later, Archie died. Again, Rosa trembled with grief for a couple of days.

Our cat, Pearl, was very close to Bernard and Archie. He spent the last hours of their life with both of them, refusing to leave their sides. He continued to stay around their graves for several days after they were buried. (Pearl also stayed about our Rottweiler Tronto's grave for several days after he had been buried.)

Bernard suffered a wound that never totally healed; subsequently, he passed away on the 6th of July 2001 at 10:45 a.m. He had the most peaceful look I have ever seen on any animal when he died. Bernard was raised as an orphaned joey, and was with me for eleven years.

One morning, while I was in the kitchen doing dishes, I heard a familiar clucking sound uniquely belonging to Bernard. I have been around kangaroos for years, and no other kangaroo has ever made a sound like this, except Bernard. I looked out the kitchen window and saw Bernard in the back-yard for a split second, and then he vanished. He looked very well. In astonishment, I looked at the clock, only to discover it was exactly the time he had passed away ten days earlier!

Archie was a pet kangaroo, raised from a hairless joey. Archie would sit on the couch and watch television. He was potty trained to urinate in a container specially set aside for him.

Archie passed away very unexpectedly yet peacefully at 11:45 a.m. on the 10th of March 2003. Three months earlier, I was aware that Archie would be leaving soon.

Just before Archie died, Steffan and I both saw Archie's spirit rising from his physical body, which was lying on the ground. His spirit took on the form of a very joyous, young kangaroo. I was able to comfort him throughout his final hours on Earth, stroking him gently until the very end.

Two days after his passing, Steffan and I sat down for an evening meditation at about 10:00 pm. Steffan heard a single tinkle of a bell next to him and turned around, only to discover there were no bells near him. I looked across the room, and just to the left of Steffan I saw a beautiful, blue light about three centimetres in diameter. The light then expanded and I recognized that it was Archie. He telepathically exclaimed, "I'm very happy! I'm very happy!" Then the light disappeared. Our little doggies who were in the room were surprisingly quiet during this visit, and all of them were looking in the direction of the blue light. These little doggies all know Archie very well.

When I was a little girl, I had a pet dog named Jimmy. He was one of the many dogs in the family. Jimmy was a mongrel according to some people, but to me he was a beautiful being and a friend. He was affectionate and sensitive to my feelings, more so than anyone around me. Thus, it was quite natural for me to share my thoughts and feelings with him. I routinely talked to him about my day at school, my hopes, and my adventures in nature. Sadly, Jimmy died when I was about eleven.

Twenty years later, Jimmy paid me an unexpected visit. By then, I was living in a different location. It was a nice summer day. I was sitting in a chair on the veranda of the house, listening to the wind chimes making a melodious sound in the wind, when I saw an orange-brown dog running happily towards me. It looked familiar, I thought. Then instantly, the name "Jimmy" came to mind. The penny dropped. Of course, it was Jimmy! I had almost forgotten him after all those years.

"Jimmy boy, Jimmy!" I called out joyously. He came and put his paws on my lap and gazed at me, like he used to when he wanted my attention.

I looked down and put my hands around his head. Stroking him gently, I asked rhetorically, "Where have you been, Jimmy?" He licked my left hand again and again. It was obvious he was happy to see me. I could feel his warm breath as he moved excitedly. I could feel the sensation as his tongue touched my hand. His warm breath smelt just like Jimmy's as he continued to lick and kiss me, wagging his tail happily at the same time. For a moment, it was like old times when we were together. Then, in a split second, while we were looking at each other lovingly and with great appreciation, Jimmy disappeared.

The following story is very close to my heart and is yet another case of animal survival after death. Athena was a collie-heeler cross breed and a very sensible, lovely pet dog. She was an example to my other dogs. Athena became a mother when she was barely fourteen months old. Horus, my red heeler, was the father.

I remember the look on Athena's face when she proudly showed off her five new-born female puppies to the family. From the litter there was one we named "Tiger" because of the distinctive orange, brown and white tinge to her coat.

Sadly, Tiger died from pesticide poisoning on the 28th of February, 1992 when she was temporarily at a property more than two thousand kilometres away from where I was residing.

A few days before her physical passing, I felt she was homesick. Clairvoyantly, I saw her looking at me with the most contented, happy face. I whispered to her that soon she would be coming home. The scene faded and I stood still for a moment, thinking about making arrangements to have Tiger brought home as soon as possible. Yet, in the back of my mind I got a feeling that Tiger's coming home would not be a physical one. Indeed, it was not to be. Animals do know when their time of departure is imminent.

One evening about two weeks after Tiger's passing, the dogs were barking incessantly outside the house. It was the kind of happy, friendly bark which signified they were barking at someone they knew well.

"Tiger is back!" I thought to myself. Just at that moment, Tiger's spirit appeared in the living room. She looked radiant and happy.

A few months after Tiger's death, Athena passed away suddenly on the evening of the 18th of July 1992. She died of a snake bite. Two days before her passing, I had started making my way home from interstate. On the way, I stopped over for the night at a motel. In an early hour of the morning, in a twilight state, I saw a lady in a long white dress coming over to me.

Somehow I knew she was Athena. She stopped beside my bed and telepathically said to me that she had come to say good-bye.

I still had about sixteen hundred kilometres of journey to cover. I had rung home the night before to say that I would be home in a day. However, I was very tired, having been travelling on the road for days, and had decided to take my time driving home. So I did not arrive home the next day as planned.

I arrived home two days later just after five in the evening. As I arrived at the house, Athena was just coming back from her walk. She was happy and excited to see me. She rushed over to "kiss" me by licking my face and hands as happy dogs often do, again and again, as though she must make the best use of this opportunity to express her love for me.

In the middle of such a "kiss" Athena suddenly started to convulse. As soon as the convulsion stopped, she started kissing me again. Sensing that she was very sick, she was taken to the local vet.

Unfortunately, Athena died at the animal clinic before the vet had a chance to look at her. It was her time to go.

A couple of days later, a little boy told me that the morning before Athena died, he had had a strange visitation at his bed side. The incident took place while he was awake. He saw a white figure of a lady standing beside his bed. She bent over and kissed him on the forehead, saying, "I must go now, good-bye".

Seeing as I had not returned home the previous night as I said I would, he thought I might have had an accident and that it could have been my spirit returning to kiss him good-bye. He stated that the sensation he had felt on his forehead was very real. In fact, he pinched his face to make sure that he was indeed awake. He was.

The lady he described met the same description as the lady who had said good-bye to me at the motel room. I was not surprised that Athena would appear in a human form, after all, she was a consciousness beyond a human consciousness!

Athena continued to work in the afterlife amongst the animals. In reality, she is of an extraterrestrial consciousness who has chosen to work with the class three animal consciousnesses.

A couple of months after Athena's passing, I saw her again. This time she appeared in her dog form in a vast field. Not only did she come, she had even brought Tiger with her! It was a wonderful reunion. They both came to visit one more time before moving on.

Their second visit was quite a long one. They were there to assist me with a job I was doing at the time. I wished I had had a camera with me then.

When it was time for them to leave, they licked my face affectionately, then turned and ran in the opposite direction towards a horizontal shimmering energy boundary. They disappeared as soon as they crossed over the dimensional border.

Then, consider the case of Winston, a wonderful orange and white cat. He got on well with everyone and every animal he met. He was a friendly and placid cat whom we miss dearly. When he died, he, too, made a brief re-appearance. He died at 7:25 a.m. on the 11th of February 2000 at the age of nine. He was buried on the same day that he died, and he appeared suddenly to me in the house at 8:40 p.m. on that same day. He looked youthful and healthy as he gently nudged me on my right bicep and let me know that he was fine.

Lisa, our silky-terrier mix, died on the 4th of August 2000. Her death was sudden and unexpected. She was beautiful, gentle and shy. She kept to herself most of the time, however, she always looked out for me and sought my attention. Twelve days after she passed away, while I was watching the evening news on the television, I suddenly felt a doggie on my lap. I began petting the doggie while watching the television. As I was petting the doggie, I looked over at the two little doggies sleeping near the television, and I began to wonder who could be on my lap. I looked down, and, to my amazement, it was Lisa that I had been petting for several seconds! The moment I saw her, I called out "Lisa!" She instantly vanished.

Even with the acceptance of a life after death, a deep emotional pain can still be experienced when one loses someone, including a pet, one loves very dearly.

If human beings survive physical death, there is no reason why animals should not also have an afterlife. In fact, some ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptian culture used to bury pets with their owners in the belief that the pets and their owners might still be together in the afterlife.

To re-iterate, contrary to many beliefs, animals, regardless of whether they are domesticated or wild, do have "souls". By this I do not mean animals only have a "group soul". I mean animals have their own spirit or consciousness just like a person does.

There have been many instances of encounters with the "ghosts" of pets by their owners. Apparitions of animals can be as real as those of humans. They can be seen, touched and smelled by humans. They can also be communicated with. I am sure that many of you have your own experiences that leave you with no doubt that animals DO survive physical death and have an afterlife. As mentioned earlier, the only exceptions are those with artificial consciousnesses.

Presently, there are some extraterrestrials who are coming into animal bodies - in dogs and cats, in horses, and other animals - in order to carry out some assignments on Earth for a short duration.

So, do animals survive physical death? Of course they do.

The acid test for identifying Anunnaki descendents is to look for those with a thirst for blood, gore and slavery coupled with a desire to CONSCIOUSLY exploit and denigrate women (even if they are women themselves) and senseless cruelty to humans (regardless of gender), animals and plants.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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